Monday, March 22, 2010


I think John and I officially need a break from dining out for a while because we've been really spoiled for the past couple months, what with our recent jaunts to The Criterion, L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, and last night to Orrery (at least we had somewhat of an excuse last night since his dad and Nicole were driving down from Leicester to - very kindly - attend the Royal Orchestral Society concert I was playing in, and ok, The Criterion was for Valentine's but I have no excuse for L'Atelier except for the fact that we - fine, I - just felt like it).  So I'm going to keep this post simple and let the food speak for itself (yes, I took photos of almost all my courses, but nevertheless I did so very discreetly, with "no flash, no flash!").  I will say, however, that perched atop the Conran shop in the heart of Marylebone on a Sunday evening is not a bad place to be.  Like a final hurrah before the dread of Monday morning locks its cold claws into your heart ...

Our first amuse bouche of ginger and carrot soup ... watch out for the foam, it becomes a reoccurring theme and after a few glasses (namely, one bellini and zero sips of wine for me) of wine, the foam begins to resemble things that are not so polite to mention at the dinner table and certainly not at an establishment like The Orrery.

My starter of seafood tortellini in lobster bisque with erm, a prawn on top ala FOAM (although I had serious food envy after John ordered the truffle omelette) which was delicious albeit being a tad on the salty side ...

An impressive (and extremely delectable) main course of poulet fermier with morels and yes, MORE FOAM!   FOAM PARTY!!!

And to finish (well, technically not to finish, since I did have chocolates and espresso after this), a dessert of wild berries frangipane, raspberry sorbet and no foam.  Yes, I know, I was sad too. 


The end.


  1. I swear it is life's cruel joke that *all* of my super foodie friends do not live anywhere close to me. I *love* Joel Robuchon, who needs an excuse to go there anyway? Also, I am ridiculously jealous of that Toptable thing you have going for you in London. *drool*

  2. oh, oh, oh but I am hardly a super foodie - i don't deserve the honor of this title you've bestowed upon me. i hardly know what i'm eating, what the significance of au jus is, and where i'm dining at ... i pick a place according to its reviews by the real super foodies on toptable! every city should have toptable - it's the only thing that encourages me to eat out.

  3. haha by super foodie, i mean someone who enjoys food. i mean i still consider myself to be a baby foodie in all honesty. but i *love* good food. and seem to be part of a very small contingent of 20-somethings who are willing to spend money on it. ya know? ;)

  4. I totally agree - I think it was the way I was raised! I mean, I love clothes but I spend days agonizing over whether or not I should buy an £80 pair of shoes but don't blink when paying an £80 food bill.


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