Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wahaca Tasty Meal ...

Prior to Tuesday's visit with Kiyeun to this extremely popular West End eaterie, I hadn't stepped foot past the entrance of Wahaca.  Located in Covent Garden (with other locations in Canary Wharf and White City), it's usually so busy that whatever group I'm with ends up retreating at the sight of the line leading up the stairs and out the door - so last night was the first time I made it downstairs.  And travelling in pairs is good, apparently, because we didn't have to wait and were seated right away.
I've been dying to try Wahaca ever since John sang its praises to me two years ago after going there for an office lunch (grr).  And if I wasn't already convinced by his crowing about their "amazing burritos", a friend of mine at work (who has since moved back to her native Mexico) also told me that they had the most "authentic Mexican food in London".  Sold.
And it is true that the food there resembles less of the tex-mex chains dotted around the city and the U.S. and more like the homemade cooking made by the Mexican family who pulls up their mobile (literally, I believe it's a trailer, but correct me if I'm wrong, Justin) restaurant in the parking lot of a gas station in Edgewood.  Wahaca is famous for its "street food":  I'm talking small, soft-shell pork pibil tacos, tall glasses of agua frescas, broad bean quesadillas, chicken mole tacos, and a variety of other Mexican favorites, like tostadas, taquitos and frijoles.  Is your mouth watering yet?
Kiyeun and I ordered the 'Wahaca Selection', which contained a selection of all of the above, along with some guacamole and and tortilla chips.  It certainly lived up to its reputation and I can see why people adamantly stay in line for a bite to eat.
Despite its popularity, staff don't rush you and you're welcome to stay and chat over tortilla chip crumbs as long as you'd like.  We, however, moved on to Nero for a cup of hot choc to top off the night.  I could barely roll myself to Charing Cross station afterwards.


  1. If I'm ever in London, I'm definitely checking this place out. I love Mexican food!

  2. Haha, yes, put it on your list among other places to try!


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