Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crockford Bridge Farm: Pick-Your-Own (Psych!)

For the second year in a row, Joe and Jodi, Adrienne and Rob (plus two!), and John and I have been holding a mini reunion of sorts in Weybridge, Surrey.  The first part involves lunch at Sullivan's Wine Bar and the second, a walk and an attempt to "pick our own" pumpkins at Crockford Bridge Farm (I say "attempt" because last year we were told the fields were closed and this year we were told that pumpkins could only be purchased from within the shop - whatEVER!).  The only thing preventing my American attitude from kicking in was the promise of "American goodies" in the farm shop.

A Baby Ruth later, and I was back to being a docile Angloyankophile.  Except for my reaction to those mindblowing prices above.  What I really wanted was a bottle of Aunt Jemima to drown my homemade pancakes - but I simply couldn't justify spending £6.45 on a bottle of syrup that costs less than half of that in the US.  I objected on principle.

But oh, that Mott's looked delicious too.  How I miss applesauce.

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