Sunday, April 3, 2011

Peeps Ahoy!

Peepin' heck - look at all the Peeps I got in the mail yesterday!

They were sent all the way from Seattle from a very special friend who took pity on my Peep-less run-up to Easter - which, as you might remember, I complained about last year.  I couldn't wait to dig into the marshmallow-y treats, but obviously had to take some pics of my treasure trove of Peeps to share with you, dear readers, before tucking in:

Aren't they beautiful in all their pastel-rainbow glory?  No?  Are you British, then?  Because they simply wouldn't have played a role in your childhood if you are.  I, however, spent many a Easter-holiday in a family friend's backyard hunting for eggs with baskets featuring cellophane grass, Peeps, and other American goodies.

John was not impressed.  "That's a lot of boxes," he commented.  "You'd better eat them all, otherwise they'll go off," he said, inspecting the sell-by-date closely.  "Oh never mind, they don't go off until 2012.  Don't open them all then," he instructed.  I didn't understand how someone could be so cold in the presence of such adorable candies.  "Don't you want any?" I asked, my eyes still shining (and nearly brimming with tears from joy), mesmerized by the beautiful Peeps display before me.  He wrinkled his nose.  "Um, no thanks," he said, walking off.  I received a similar reaction from Bindy this morning when I extended the great privilege of sharing my Peeps treats with her.  "Yeah, I'm not just not that impressed with them," she said, shrugging.

Okay, whatever.  I'll just bask in Peeps-heaven by myself then.  Thanks, Holly!


  1. More for you! Don't share :-)

    And even if you don't eat them all in one go, they are kindly secretly great when they've staled up a bit.

    Hoppy Easter!!


  2. Booo I meant kind of secretly great. Not kindly! Autocorrect! Blast!

  3. "Blast!" That is adorable. "Kindly" is also a very British thing to say too, albeit maybe not in that context! Maybe your autocorrect wants to write a passive-aggressive British email. :) xxx

  4. Glen and I were just in Cyber Candy the other day looking at all the peeps and deciding that they were a bit TOO brightly coloured for responsible snacking. However, if you were to have a spare peep lying around I would gladly take it off your hands...


  5. Sorry ... and you are ...? ;) What colour do you want then, stinky? I've already dug into the green, so can't have that one.

  6. I'm a huge fan of Peeps as well - most people I know HATE them, but I personally find them to be delicious, and a definite Easter must have! I'm also a major fan of the vanilla cream flavor they have during Christmas and Valentines Day! Have you seen the chocolate covered Peeps??

    I found this website with a few recipes that use Peeps - I'm totally planning on making some Peep sushi and Peep rice krispie treats!

  7. Charlee, do you want me to send you a box??? If so, DM me your address on Twitter. And no, I've never tried the vanilla cream flavor - I'm obviously missing out! Nor have I seen chocolate covered Peeps, I'm embarrassed to admit!

  8. Thanks, but luckily, I have access to a pretty large amount of them, via the commissary @ the military base! Send me your address and I'll send you some chocolate covered ones if they have them!


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