Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Links of London's "Team GB" Bracelets

My favorite British jewellery designer (or what I deem to be London's answer to New York's Tiffany & Co.), Links of London, has released new colors for its London 2012 bracelets in its Team GB range. As the creators of the "Official Jewellery Collection of London 2012", Links has come up with some rather ... erm, unimpressive (and quite frankly, tacky) charms so far. But I'm warming towards these bracelets, especially as they now come in pink/grey, blue/grey, and black/grey - not just the previous red, white and blue variety. I kind of like them, as the friendship bracelet trend comes and goes (it's on its way out, btw), and am considering getting one as a souvenir since £20 isn't really a big push. I didn't get any Royal Wedding or Diamond Jubilee souvenirs and am now over-compensating in terms of the Olympics. Before John and I got tickets to the Athletics event we're going to later this summer, I was all "bah humbug" over the Olympics - citing overcrowding, transport issues, price hikes and the like as reasons I wanted to get out of London. But since John received that fateful email that told us his ticket purchase was successful and we had the opportunity to run a 5-mile race in the Olympic Park and stadium (which I really need to blog about, I know), I've kind of been half embracing the whole "spirit of London" thing. I'm hoping to get up to Tower Bridge next weekend to take a picture of the Olympic rings. But when it comes to which team I'll be cheering for, I'm half Team GB and half Team USA.

Tell me, are you going to any Olympic events?


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