Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fashion Knows No Boundaries - Or, I'll Trade You Swedish Minimalism For Lace Push-Up Bras

The recent influx of American brands and stores in the UK means that I'm starting to have less reasons to shop in the US: four of my favorites, J. Crew, Anthropologie, Forever 21 and Victoria's Secret, have already made their way over here (albeit at twice - or more - the price).

Yesterday, during my run with Elaine along the Southbank (btw, BIG MISTAKE - honestly, the stupidest place to run at the height of Olympics tourist season), I almost ran smack into the back of a man as I passed an activity display that seemed to be sponsored by none other than ... Target. As in, the place I buy my milk, clothes, make-up, and iPad accessories at in the US. Be still, my beating heart. Could the brands of my teenage years, Xhiliration and Mossimo, finally find their way here?

Now I'm just waiting for more European "high street" chains to make their way to the States. Come on, guys - let's make an even trade, no? Swedish minimalism for lace push-up bras?

I recently read that Nordstrom in San Francisco Center is getting a Topshop concession. But how about COS (pictured, above right)? Or Zara in places other than NYC? I think Oasis and Warehouse are beginning to make their way over as well.

Even my highly impressionable and fashion-forward (read: dapper) little brother bemoaned the lack of European styles in the US. After hearing him admit to shopping at the cheaply made and highly uninspired American mall fixture, Express, I clutched his arm in sympathy. "I knowwwwww," he wailed. He's a smaller build, so suits the likes of Topman, COS, Bershka, and Zara. Previously, he could only find slim-fit pants and shirts on family trips to Uniqlo in Hong Kong, but visiting London opened a whole other world for him. When he visited last year, I took him on the best possible mini-shopping spree my modest publishing salary could afford.

So I'd really appreciate it if Massimo Dutti, Mango, COS, and my other (typically Spanish, sometimes British, and always Scandinavian) favorites would make their way across the pond. Soon. All this cross-continental swapping is getting me really excited. Fashion knows no boundaries.

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  1. I <3 Muji! There's one in NYC, but I'd die for one in Boston. Ok, maybe not die, because then what use would I have with a Muji?

    Also, can we get Marks & Spencer? Pleeeeease?

  2. I love Muji too, Anna! I'd also love a Uniqlo in Washington state. I'm sure Muji will expand to Boston soon. M&S would be good too! But that's such a quintessentially British "thing", I don't think it'll appear any time soon.

  3. I actually went up to some youngsters once that were carrying bags with the well known Target logo and in a slightly crazed way said, oh!! where's the target? there's a target here and I don't know about it! share, share! They were very confused as they had just been to a job fair ( had no idea what I was talking about. I guess that red target sign doesn't mean the same thing here. Which is why when I saw those giant Targets by the Oxo tower, I tried to remain calm. News from Mpls is that there are no Target in London plans. Booooo.

  4. Abby, that's where I saw the Target symbols ... I guess I got my hopes up for nothing!


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