Thursday, July 3, 2014

These Dark Chocolate Covered Banana Bites: So Very Yum

I know, this blog is so random, right? One minute, I'm baring my soul to you and making you cry and the next, I'm chattering away about Vietnamese street food and magic teapots. Sometimes I write about deep stuff, and sometimes I write about fluff. That's just what goes on in my head.

So, here's your fluff for the day: these Pacari Ecuadorian Organic Dark Chocolate (yes, boost your jerk status by naming all those elements) Covered Banana bites. Somehow, the pronouncement of "RAW" on the package and the mention of antioxidants on the front makes me feel less guilty for nibbling on these post-Pilates class today.

But seriously. I don't even really like dark chocolate and this tastes so good. It's quite banana-y though (duh), so avoid if you don't like bananas (triple duh).

How did I come across this? Good question. We babysat for my sweet 5-month-old niece on Monday (who spent the first 20 minutes giggling and the next 40 crying her poor eyes out) to give Tom and Cristy a well-deserved break (and some alone time) and when they came back from dinner, I noticed this, plus a bar of Montezuma dark chocolate in my bag that hadn't been there before. So cute.

Since I'm staying away from milk chocolate and basically anything sweet at the moment (except for either Saturday or Sunday, which is my "cheat" day - I know, don't even ask), this little dark chocolate treat was a welcome "allowance" for me.

I posted this on Instagram earlier today and someone commented that she loved Pacari's salted chocolate range. Ugh. Why did she have to tell me that? Now I'll have to go out and hunt for it.

Are you a dark chocolate lover?


  1. I definitely added the phrase "Deal with it" to the end of your first paragraph in my head, hahaha. Also, thanks to you, I've now added "people who will secretly gift me with chocolate when I least expect it" to my list of friend-criteria. I'm not a fan of dark chocolate either, but this stuff sounds good. Especially the salted variety. Mmm.

    1. Haha - I think I had intended for that opening paragraph to be a little disclaimer, although I know what you mean about the "deal with it" part, which I had thought about adding at the time but sounded too aggressive! I just didn't want people to follow expecting all sorts of deep stuff 24/7 because man, that shiz takes a toll on you. Sometimes I'm serious, sometimes I'm not! And who doesn't love to talk about chocolate? Precisely.

      Secret chocolate-gifting is the best form of gifting. Fact.


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