Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What To Order From EatFirst's New Brunch Menu

I like to joke that EatFirst is the perfect lazy version of brunch - because it doesn't even involve getting out of bed (well, except to answer the door)! And now that they deliver to Walthamstow (fist pump), well, my weekends are made. Brunch delivered to me = more time spent sleeping in, less time making reservations a week in advance at the newest, coolest café and rushing to said reservations, plus the option of literally eating breakfast/brunch in bed.

Last week, EatFirst unveiled their new brunch menu and I took my friend Natalie to try it out at Clerkenwell London's Vinyl Lounge (which is an ah-mazing venue, by the way, complete with a spa, boutique shop, and tasty-looking restaurant).

Accompanied by a live DJ set, bottomless prosecco and delicious Blood Marys by The Pickle House, we set to the difficult task of tasting every dish from the new brunch menu.

Prepared by Head Chef Benn Hodges and his team, these dishes are freshly prepared every day and you can choose a delivery slot (in 45-minute intervals) that suits you. And, assuming your London postcode's within their delivery zone (you can check by entering your address here), here's what you should order (in order of my favorites) - right now:

Fig and Raspberry French Toast 

I wish I didn't wake up craving sweet things but ... I do. This fig and raspberry french toast is like eating a dreamy, light piece of sponge cake for breakfast - but not as sweet, so deceptively guilt-free. It comes with a custard which can be heated up at home, though we had it chilled and it was perfect. The thick slices of sourdough soaked in a mixture of eggs, vanilla and sugar are pillowy and soft ... imagine this with a hot cup of tea on a rainy Sunday morning. (I just did, and accidentally drooled a little on my keyboard - no joke.)

Cannon and Cannon Brunch Charcuterie

For me and John, weekends are all about charcuterie boards. We often forgo a traditional "lunch" and grab a fresh loaf of sourdough from our local bakery and a selection of meats (plus cheese for me; John's not a cheese fan - I know, I KNOW) on Saturdays or Sundays, dipping crusty slices of bread into hummus or oil and balsamic. This charcuterie board is perfect and the scotch egg was so delicious. Probably not one for the bed, however, unless you want to find a surprise piece of scotch egg under your pillow the next day.

Teriyaki Salmon with Sesame Egg

I didn't expect to like this as much as I did, but the flavors were mindblowing! It's the perfect starter size, so a great little pot to share. The citrus dressing is fresh and tangy - something I wish I could bottle up and drizzle over all my salads.

Crushed Avocado on Sourdough

Brunch isn't brunch with crushed avo on toast ... but this version is served with two soft boiled free range eggs on top - with a yolk so orange and bright, you'll want to Instagram it straight away (or maybe not, if you have, you know, an actual life). Served with a tomato chilli chutney, it'd probably be the go-to dish that my healthy-eating husband would opt for on this menu.

Which dishes would you pick? (Also: can I come over?)

p.s. The Pickle House Bloody Mary mix (and prosecco, even!) is available for delivery too ... I personally love the fresh juices and smoothies.

Natalie and I were guests of EatFirst. All opinions are my own.


  1. All this food looks amazing! Sometimes, living in a small town just over an hour away from London can have it's disadvantages, and food is definitely one of those haha!
    xo April | April Everyday

    1. I'm often tempted to leave London, but I would miss the convenience of having a variety of food at my doorstep! So many benefits of living outside this smoggy, stressful city, though! xo

  2. Brunch delivered to your home?! That is seriously a thing?! OMG I am so excited but won't get my hopes up in case they don't function in my area. Don't berate yourself for the morning sweet cravings - I would totally eat French toast every day if there was some way for this to become a reality. And your weekend lunches together sound blissful even if you do have a bit of work to do on John with cheese!

    1. They're based in East London, so they just might deliver to you, Shikha - put your postcode in and let me know! x

    2. I vote for letting him continue with his non-cheese eating habits, all the more for Jaime to enjoy 😃

  3. Home-delivered brunch sounds too good to be true, especially if it involves that absolutely lush-sounding French Toast! Weekend perfection! xx

    1. I KNOW - I so wanted this to happen like, 2 years ago when I was still living in Islington. I woke up one morning wishing someone could deliver fresh pastries and coffee to my door! So lazy ... but in the US, I'd jump in my car and go to the local store/coffee shop ... there's something about having to walk outside for 10 mins and schlep it all back here that puts me off! xx

  4. I want that charcuterie board and the salmon please! I am so excited that they actually deliver to my part of town x


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