Friday, June 23, 2017

Lately, I've Been Wearing ...

Whenever I go home to the States, I get a little ... shopping crazy. Partly because the prices can be so good (I always, always buy my Nike/Adidas sneakers there) but also because ... well, my parents still give me spending money when I go home!

I know, I know - I'm way too old for that. But my mom hands me bills before we go shopping like it's Monopoly money and then my dad asks me if I have enough and I'm like, "IT'S NOT EVEN MY MONEY!" and, yeah. It's pretty embarrassing, but extremely endearing, and I'm very lucky!

Another reason why I love browsing the racks in the US is because of all the different stores and brands that aren't available here in the UK. Before I went, I had some items shipped to my parents' house from Oak + Fort - a Vancouver-based brand specialising in accessories and apparel with a distinctly minimal/normcore aesthetic (think COS).

Since I've been back in London, I've been wearing some of my new purchases, namely:

This eye-catching orange top from Madewell (J. Crew's sister brand, which now ships to the UK!), which caught my eye when I visited their University Village store in Seattle with my brother last week. I loved the knot detail in the back and the flattering cut so much, I bought it in a size large, because it was the only size left! I've been pairing it with a pair of extra-wide-leg striped culottes from J. Crew, which I scored on the clearance rack, and which my brother recoiled in horror at as I lifted them from the rail to show him. Whatevs, I'm a fan (please excuse the butt-wrinkles). Oh! And the bright blue beaded tassel earrings in the first photo are from J. Crew too. They're fun.

 This leather city tote from the Coach outlet store (it was $100!) in barely-there grey. It's perfect for summer (if I don't inevitably drip ketchup and mustard all over it at Shake Shack) and holds all the junk I cart with me back and forth to work everyday. I also invested in a new pair of Adidas Stan Smith in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which go with practically everything and are super comfy for traipsing around London in.

This bracelet stack - again, from J. Crew and Madewell - along with my Welly Merck watch, which I've blogged about before and which you can get a 20% discount on if you use my code "ANGLOYANK20". You're welcome.

This buttery soft leather Oak + Fort crossbody, which my brother noted, "looks like a sideways CD case". Thanks, yet again, little bro. On the rare occasion I don't have to carry a bazillion things with me (eye drops, hayfever pills, tissues, etc.), I love to go hands free. I've also been loving this knitted tank which I found at, of all places, Old Navy, for a bargain price of something like $17.

Still, despite all the alluring retail opportunities, I have to think hard about whether something I buy in the States will actually translate to the style I typically end up wearing in London. More often than not, I return with a handful of dresses and tops that get shoved to the back of my closet and end up going to the charity or consignment store. I was a little more discerning with my purchases this time, so I think they'll have lasting power!

By the way, if you're ever interested in shopping any of the items in my Instagram feed or on my blog, I believe you can do so directly from the widget at the bottom of this page, or any post in my Instagram feed with the icon in the bottom right corner ... from Instagram, you can simply screenshot or "like" the photo to shop the exact items I've tagged in the app! (I'm a total fashion stalker, so I definitely buy things that I like on other people via this app.)

Let me know what you think about my new purchases down below and feel free to add your two cents about the CD case/bag ... (insert laughing emoji here).

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