Friday, April 13, 2012

What? It's Like You've Never Seen A Peep Before ...

These landed on my desk the Tuesday after Easter, courtesy of Anna:

Aren't they absolutely adorable? They were also accompanied by a sheet of 30 marshmallow scratch & sniff stickers and a very lovely card. I am considering attaching them to all work correspondence.

And because one cannot be expected to get through FIVE boxes of Peeps without another root canal, I decided to treat my co-workers to some.

Their reaction?

Quite frankly, they would have been more unfazed if I had brought in a box of escargots.

"What ... ARE they?" most asked with mild fascination, then disgust. "Marshmallow chicks!" I responded brightly, before adding hastily, "Well, some of them are bunnies."

"You want one?" I asked a colleague. He shook his head slowly before walking away. "It's ... so ... bright," he said.

Others gingerly accepted my offer. "Well, don't waste it," I joked (but half serious). "I'm not twisting your arm to try it."

I offered a few to Alice earlier in the week and she seemed to be the only person in the building who appreciated them as much as I do. An email from her popped up on the corner of my screen after she took them back to her desk downstairs: "The chicks have caused disbelief, hilarity and possibly mild PTSD down here :)", she wrote.

So, next time you really want to shock an English person? Shove a box of Peeps in their face. They'll be terrified and intrigued, all at once.

(Thank you, Anna!!!)
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