Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Introducing ... The Emo Cow AKA Highland Cattle

I know I use the word "obsessed" a lot on this blog.  But to deny the fact I had a postcard of a Highland cow pinned to my dorm room bulletin board in college would be a lie (yes, I know, others have pin-ups of Robert Pattinson or Brad Pitt, I happened to choose one of a bovine variety, there's no need to judge).  I think I have an affinity for Highland cattle in particular, because they remind me of my brother.  You see, my brother is a little emo child (ok, he's not really, as he's turning 22 in July) who keeps his bangs so long, they hang in his face, much like the creature's above.  When he talks to you, he does a flippy thing with his head to get his hair out of his face and I suppose he thinks this makes him look badass.  I think these cows look badass too, with their long fringe.

Driving along on our way back from Padstow to Looe this weekend, John said, "Ooh, look, Highland cattle."  "HIGHLAND CATTLE HIGHLAND CATTLE WHERE WHERE WHERE WHERE???" I screeched.  He winced slightly as I screamed directly into his ear and asked if I'd like to stop.  "No, no," I said, sitting back in my seat and folding my arms.  "If it's too much trouble ..." I said, sighing.  Knowing he wouldn't hear the end of it if we didn't stop, he found a safe place to pull over and I ran over with my camera ready.  "HI!!!  HI HIGHLAND CATTLE!!!  HIIIII!!" I said to the fold (yes, who knew that Highland cattle are specifically referred to as a fold rather than herd?  Clearly, a cooler breed).  One swung around and gave me an angry, low moo.  "Give it some hay," John said, clearly experienced with such animals, having grown up next to a farm.  I promptly threw some hay and it landed on top of the cow's neck (if anyone saw, I would surely be charged with animal abuse, judging from my harsh screeching and hay throwing - I was disturbing their peace).  It continued chewing with his eyes focused on the ground below, ignoring my pleas.   

But I couldn't contain my excitement as cars whizzed by us on the country road (probably wondering if they should call the RSPCA and report the crazy Asian girl, jumping up and down, harassing the poor creatures) - the cattle, against the beautiful backdrop of the Cornish countryside, were truly a sight to behold.

Once I had my fill of cattle gawking, I sighed my deepest satisfaction at having had such an opportunity, and returned to the car, jubilant and triumphant.  "Ok?" asked John.  "You've had enough?"  "Yesh," I said, smiling happily.  He turned the car around and we passed them again.  "BYE BYE CATTLE, BYE BYE!!!!" I screamed.  John winced again.


  1. Awww reminds me of bonnie Scotland! I actually have a postcard of one on the inside of my closet door....

  2. Haha, glad I'm not the only one, Sara!

  3. And I have a postcard above my desk! (actually it's yours, Jaime!)

  4. AWESOME, I forgot about that! Yeah, I was pretty happy to have my own photos - I might get these enlarged to frame and put above my bedside table. Joking, joking.

  5. That story just made my day! Thanks for sharing. Also, when you mentioned the long, swept bangs sported by your brother, all I could think of was Justin Bieber. That boy has ba-BANGS! Is he as big in the UK as he is in the US? Because that tween is taking over the world. And he's definitely not emo.

  6. Thanks, Mel. Yep, Bieber Fever is just as rampant in the UK - for reasons I just can't seem to see. And yes, that boy has ba-BANGS for sure!


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