Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's Ever So Slightly Cold - So It Must Be Cake Time

Cake Time is becoming awful popular on my blog.  Not because it attracts readers (no one wants to see my sad attempts at baking, don't worry, I'm not delusional), but because it's my fail-safe-go-to post when I've got nothing better to say.  So here it is, another Cake Time. 

Due to a "tummy bug", as Brits say (we Americans are hardcore, we go with "stomach flu" - yes, that's right, chills, fever, vomiting, the works - "tummy bug" just does not translate into that), I had to restrict myself from sweets for about a week.  ONE WHOLE WEEK without Snickers, Haribo, Cadbury's, - nothing, nada, ZILCH.  And worst of all, no cake.

I've never made a chocolate cake before, but thinking that there's a first time for everything, I decided to try this delicious looking recipe from BBC Good Food.  I made some uh-ohs throughout (such as not buying enough dark chocolate and having to raid every cupboard and handbag bottom for any remnant of chocolate - yes, this included a truffle from my birthday last year, and yes I checked for mold and worms before throwing it in), but it still turned out okay.  I definitely recommend this recipe if you're a chocolate cake virgin, but for those more experienced, you probably use something more sophisticated.

Bon appetit!

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