Friday, June 18, 2010

Doctor, Doctor, I've Got A Fever - World Cup Fever

Oh my God.  What have I done?  Or rather, what's happened to me?  I've had to eat my words.  For the past week, I've been racing home from work, leaping onto the couch to turn on the projector, Freeview box and stereo (in that order), drawing the curtains and sitting down, waiting for kickoff to begin - at every World Cup match shown in the evening.  I've rushed in, ravenous and sweaty post-run or yoga, ignoring my intense desire to either eat or shower and turned, instead, to a sport.

A worried Chris called to say he was "concerned" about my previous suggestion to John about hosting a World Cup party at our flat - frightened that my snobbish, non-sports-oriented standards were slipping.  Surely she isn't morphing into a football hooligan, he must have thought to himself.  I don't dare think of what Chris imagines - I only hang my head in shame.

Last night, John came back from the pub, apparently delighted and crowing to his buddies that he had "scored the jackpot" with me, but slightly worried about my mental well-being as the footie has been on as soon as he walks in the door with me glued to the screen, eyes glazed over and body crouched over in a tense position.  When Brazil played North Korea, I watched the game nearly a total of three times - if John hadn't insisted on going to bed (well, almost - I watched it from start to finish by myself, then watched the highlights with John afterward, then wanted to watch it again from the beginning - WHO KNOWS WHY?  NO ONE.  That's why I need a doctor to cure my illness, clearly).  The worst part was when I started humming the theme tune from ITV's coverage of the games ... that's when John cowered in fear and seriously asked if I was feeling okay.  "Okay?" I said, incredulously.  "I feel GREAT!  I LOVE THE WORLD CUP!" I shouted.  He looked nervous.

Don't worry, I'll get back to writing about cakes and truffles tomorrow ... I've just got to check the score now on BBC online.

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  1. ha. i just printed myself out a bracket so i can try to predict who will make it into the final. can we talk about how i never do brackets. in fact, i really only watch sports if other people make me. so to my surprise i am glued to the tvs they have on at work with the games during the day having to pull myself away to actually do my job. and then i go home at night and watch the replays on espn. craziness, i tell you.

    ps. wanna play let's figure out this whole bracket thing with me?

  2. no no no no no no no ... i don't do brackets. that's john's job.


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