Thursday, June 17, 2010

The World of Peter Rabbit

John recently confided that he had a Peter Rabbit mug he was served warm milk from when he was little and because the inside of the porcelain cup had a picture of Peter Rabbit, he'd drink his milk in great gulps, so as to save Peter from drowning.  I make him tell me this anecdote over and over again because I think it's absolutely adorable.

He wasn't the only one who was fond of The World of Peter Rabbit, however.  When I think about it, I realised that my interest in England and English culture began much further back than my pre-teen Agatha Christie and Jonathan Creek obsessions.  Thousands and thousands of miles away from the sleepy village of Peatling Magna, across the Atlantic, across the United States of America, in (what is now called) Edgewood, Washington - a town which bore no resemblance to the quiet, sleepy shire that John grew up in, except perhaps of the fact there were some cows and sheep grazing in a nearby unkempt farm - I, having pleased my mother with my six-year-old's interpretation of some piece she was teaching me on the piano, was allowed to choose a "prize" for my hard work.  I carefully selected a miniature set of Peter Rabbit books (except mine were even better than the one shown here, for it had an actual handle on the slipcase so I could pull the books out like a drawer) that I had been desperately wanting for ages in a gift shop in Sumner. 

I'll never forget the day I got that box set - I treasured it so much that I couldn't bear to take the individual books out, for fear of disrupting the order they were in.  I loved Beatrix Potter's illustrations and the tales of Peter Rabbit and his friends really appealed to my serious, yet child-like mind.

Today's children's characters have nothing (nuffin'!) on good old Peter Rabbit.


  1. Absolutely in agreement Jaime! I love the Lake District and often think just how inspirational it was to Beatrix Potter (and wonder if Mrs Tiggywinkle will cross my path?). My Mum was clearing out some cupboards the other day and brought over my rather dusty and well-loved book set, which are now sat happily on my own bookshelf ready to share with our future children :) Keep the blogs coming, they are ace! xxx

  2. Thank you, Ruth! I was sure I'd get a few PR fans out there! Ah, are you and Adam going to hear the pitter-patter of little feet soonish??? I want my children to read Peter Rabbit too and watch Sesame Street. xxx

  3. i LOVE peter rabbit. i had a whole breakfast set when i was a child. it is probably still one of my most treasured items... which may be why my mother still won't let me have it because at 27 i am clearly not grown up enough to be entrusted with my own peter rabbit china. ;) and yes, i am totally serious about that. however i adore peter rabbit. i try to give it to as many kids as i know... well age appropriate kids.


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