Friday, September 24, 2010

Funny Friday Tube Moment

London is a big city.  So the chances of you running into someone you know (or in this case, your significant other) are slim to none.  Except for tonight.

I was on the way home from work, pouting, thinking hard and writing an email to Udita on my Blackberry when I suddenly looked up from my seat at Oxford Circus.  As I glanced to my left, I saw John get on my carriage - now, before I tell you what happened next, I have to say that I was extremely excited to see him not only due to the fact that you never run into people you know (okay, maybe once every two years?) but also because he works across town from me and usually takes a different tube line entirely, so it was like, the stars were aligned or something.  AND IN THE SAME CARRIAGE!!!

So I did what any normal girlfriend would do:  I decided to surprise him.  First by freakishly tapping on the pane of glass separating us, then when that didn't work (because he had his earphones in), following him down the carriage as he searched for a free place to stand like an obsessive stalker with a massive grin on my face, all the while bashing people with my massive bag.

This would have been fine if the train hadn't decide to lurch forward the exact moment I planned to "gently knock into" John.  What ensued will go down in Travel Embarrassment History (although it doesn't beat the time I got on the San Francisco BART and fell OVER my suitcase in slow motion and landed with my feet in the air).   I managed to basically launch myself at him with such a force that he in turn knocked into the person in front of him and in doing so, I then stepped on someone's foot very, very hard and laughed like a hysterical psychopath out of both embarrassment and excitement.  Of course, John at this point still had no idea it was me because my hair was fully in my face and I was bent over gasping for air with laughter but strangely, clutching at his jacket.  So I'll forgive the annoyance and disbelief on his face when he first saw that it was me and put it down to shock.  "You SCARED me," were the first words he could muster, as the other passengers stared at me in pity, concern and mostly disdain.  Did the seemingly normal-looking man know this freak?  Yes, yes, it seems as though they actually are acquainted.  Sighs of relief all around.

"Would you like to sit down?" asked the girl at my feet as I continued to gasp for breath and clutch at John's jacket as the train swayed (my hands were also full with my bags).  "HAHAHAHAHANOHAHHATHANKSHAHAHAH," I managed, amidst my giggles.  She looked amused.  "I think it's best if you sit," she said, rising graciously to give the crazy woman her seat.

So anyways, the moral of the story is, don't launch yourself at a familiar face out no matter HOW EXCITED YOU ARE to see them.  They will be just as excited if you don't bowl them over on a busy subway carriage.  The end.


  1. hahahahaha i read this 3 times and still LOL. or as i like to say LMAO.

  2. HILARIOUS. Poor John... "you SCARED me." hahaha


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