Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Wednesday

Oh the Warwick Avenue tube staff are at it again ... seriously, this guy should write a graphic novel based on the lives of miserable London commuters.  He just gets it.  That is exactly how my desk at work looked today.  How did he know?  In any case, it put a smile on my face at 7:30 a.m. (yep, it was an early one today) and I was grateful for that (might have been the only smile I cracked all day). 

But seriously, coming back to a full week of work after spending a luxurious week in a remote, sun-drenched, rustic, picturesque (you get the idea yet?) village in southern France is really, really hard.  

So hard that I'm not sure I could cope with the 2 weeks of vacay Americans are rumored to receive ... I can barely cope with my 26 day allowance here.  Stay tuned for some holiday posts ...


  1. i love this guy. i want one like this in chicago.

  2. Yeah I'm gonna find out who it is and pat him on the back. I keep saying "he" rather than "she" because I'm pretty sure it's the super friendly tall chap (yes, I just said 'chap') with the toothy grin who greets people at the turnstiles.


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