Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Currently Addicted To: Ginger Beer

Want to hear something crazy (but not that crazy)? I've been addicted to ginger beer recently, which I never had before I moved to the UK. My throat is sore today and all I want is a can of ice-cold, carbonated Old Jamaica ginger beer poured into a tall glass with lots and lots of ice (you can tell I'm American because of the emphasis on ice).

I used to hate the taste of ginger beer. Ginger ale, I loved, but ginger beer? Too ginger-y. But then I went on this food walk by Fox & Squirrel in March and we had home-brewed ginger beer at a couple of stops ... from then on, all I wanted was ginger beer with everything!

For someone who doesn't drink a lot of alcohol, non-alcoholic ginger beer is a great alternative to the usual Coke or Sprite when I'm at the pub. Our "local", The De Beauvoir Arms, serves Fentimans Ginger Beer, which is delicious - spicy, but not too sweet - whereas Old Jamaica, which I sometimes pick up at the corner shop or Tesco is pretty sugary.

What about you? Do you like/loathe ginger beer? Do you think you could become a convert like me?


  1. I like ginger ale but am not sure about ginger beer. But that food walk looks amazing! Once I get myself financially settled after this move, I'll be going on that for sure!

    1. Yup, I used to think it was *revolting*. But now I can't get enough! The food walk was really, really fun.


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