Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bageriet, Covent Garden

My friend Caroline, who's amazingly knowledgeable about off-the-beaten-track restaurants and cafes in London, introduced me to this sweet little Swedish bakery tucked away on Rose Street in Covent Garden, called Bageriet (which means "bakery" in Swedish). It's teeny tiny and barely fits about 6 people at a time, but it's adorable and full of delicious treats handcrafted by pastry chef, Daniel Karlsson.

When London city-living gets me down, I like to duck into Bageriet to escape the crowds and regain a sense of calm. Passing by the cheerful front window filled with freshly baked breads and enormous sugared cakes transports me to Scandinavia, versus the throngs of tourists and office workers on their lunch breaks in crowded Covent Garden.

Yesterday, as I was deliberating whether or not to buy one of their fabulous orange and chocolate cakes for John, Caroline said the funniest thing to me: "What's the worst that could happen? You eat some cake and go, 'Oh woe is me'?"

Of course, I bought the cake - and it was delicious.

I don't usually like fruit cakes or orange-flavored anything, but this wonderfully spiced cake reminds me of Christmas! The sugared, salty almond slices provide an excellent contrast to the moist, dark sponge. It's a wonderful sharing cake to have at a party - you can cut a slice and nibble away at it with a cup of tea or a mug of cocoa.

Speaking of cocoa ...

Aren't these Bageriet hot chocolate kits delightful? They even come with a tiny wooden spoon for stirring - the perfect gift. I'm definitely snapping up a few of these for friends.

Next time you're feeling panicked, duck into Bageriet to restore your sense of calm. And to eat cake, of course.


  1. Oh wow, noting this for next time I'm in Covent Garden (tomorrow). :) Chocolate, orange cake here I come...
    Claire xx


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