Wednesday, December 31, 2014

And A Happy New Year

Hello! I'm taking a little break from my blogging hiatus to wish you a Happy New Year - I'm flying back to London tomorrow on New Year's Eve (boo!), so I'll be up in the sky when the clock strikes twelve. I've been having an amazing time in the US: sleeping in, binge-watching Netflix, binge-eating donuts ... let me tell you: I love blogging and posting regularly, but taking a break has felt SO GOOD!

We had a wonderful Christmas here with my family and took a fabulous foodie trip up to Vancouver, B.C. - which I'll tell you all about when I'm back across the pond! Usually, on the eve of my departure, I feel so sad. Luckily, I had the foresight (correction: my amazing friends had the foresight) to plan a few brunches and get-togethers as soon as I'm back to distract me from my homesickness. And I'd love to talk a little more about how I'm feeling about my eighth (!!!) year of living away from "home" in another blog post at some point.

Until then, here are a few highlights from the past ten days I've spent here in the States:

First things first: I made a beeline for Target and stood in the snack aisle for ages, marveling at all the Goldfish cracker flavors they've got (I walked away with French Toast and Vanilla Cupcake - my two favorites) and gulped as the cashier rang up $150 worth of items. Oops (BUT THERE'S SO MUCH TO BUY THAT YOU NEVER KNEW YOU NEEDED!).

I bought these slightly crazy shoes with gold and patent details which I love and John hates - but then again, what does he know? (I kid, I kid. But not really.) I also set my mom and dad up on Instagram (genius? Or huge regret?) so that they can keep closer tabs on me. Seriously, it can be exhausting and repetitive recounting what I've been up to each day - I tried to convince them to follow me on Twitter, but it seems that Instagram is a good compromise. It's visual anyway, which is easier for senior citizens parents to handle (except, my mom already managed to embarrass me in a major way on the first photo she commented on ... high school all over again). HI MOM!

Speaking of my mom, she actually complained that one of the disadvantages of having me at home is the fact that she doesn't receive any emails from me and that there are no new blog posts to read. WHAT. THE. HECK. She also sent me an email one night (which I received the next morning when I woke up) with the subject line: "ARE YOU ASLEEP YET?" I don't know, Mom. You could just COME DOWNSTAIRS AND CHECK?!


Of course, I ate one of my beloved giant sandwiches - complete with three different types of meat, two cheeses, mayo, and alfalfa sprouts (which, surprisingly, I miss in my sandwiches and salads a lot). American sandwiches are the best. Hands down.

2014 has been an incredible year for me. I know that I've been super lucky and I'm counting my blessings - I'm so looking forward to seeing what 2015 brings!

Until then, I'm wishing you health, happiness, and many successes in 2015. No matter what time zone I'll be crossing tomorrow evening, I'll raise my champagne glass (metaphorical, unless British Airways is feeling especially generous, which is seriously doubtful) to you.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year lovely, a little early but hey ho! It looks like you had a wonderful time back home, hope you don't get too homesick back here in the uk! Xx

    1. Thanks, Kara! I had a lovely time at home but am glad to be back. Hope 2015 brings lots of happiness your way! xx

  2. TARGET. Honestly, if I could import one thing into England, it would be Target. My love for it is unreasonable. And oh how your mom anecdotes just made me laugh outloud :)

    I've actually always wanted to be in the air for a big holiday...for Christmas to sip champagne and land somewhere fabulous, for New Years to be above it all or for the 4th to see all the fireworks from above... have a great flight back and Happy New Years! xx

    1. Seriously. It's what I miss the most! That and Marshall's, Ross, Nordstrom Rack ... TK Maxx just doesn't hack it for me.

      Thanks for all your good wishes - hope 2015 is getting off to a great start for you. Loved your travel link-up post ... need to write mine now! xx

  3. I lol'd in a major way at your mom wanting you to be out of the house so she can get emails from you. Glad you got to enjoy family, friends, and being home for a while. The sheer variety of food items in America is one thing I don't miss much; I am WAY too indecisive. You could leave me in a grocery store, come back the next day, and I'd still be standing in the same spot writing a mental dissertation on the pros and cons of cheddar bacon Cheez-Its vs. four cheese. Sweet kicks, btw!

    1. Haha ... totally, Gianni! Wayyyy too many choices, but I just love all of them. I wanted chips and dip yesterday at Tesco and had downgraded myself within 5 minutes to a stick of baguette and butter. Sigh. Happy 2015! Also: glad you like the shoes!


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