Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Airing My Dirty Laundry (Literally!) With Laundrapp

Please don't judge me.

But ... although I've been sharing pretty little corners of our new house with you as we go along, I've failed to mention some of the more ... unglamorous bits. Like, when a co-worker of mine (who lives in the same area) mentioned to me that she walked past my house the other night on her way to tennis: "Is it the one that um, had, um ..." "A bunch of junk in front of it?" I finished for her. "Yep, that's the one." Piles of crushed brick and mortar were left untouched weeks after the damp experts had come and jack-hammered large sections of our interior walls away. We finally hired someone to come and clear it out last weekend because the floor sanders had left yet another pile of waste: ripped up carpet and old linoleum, which we'd stripped off to expose the original, bare wood floors.

Another mess that had been piling up like a silent monster, threatening to topple at any point? My pile of dirty laundry. Honestly. I am so embarrassed to admit it, but during the move, I ended up throwing so many clothes into the hamper in a rush and by the time I got to our new house, I was so busy unpacking and buying unnecessary things like oh, succulents and wall art, I never got around to doing my laundry. Like, ever. As in, I probably wore bikini bottoms once or twice in lieu of underwear.

That bad.

Enter Laundrapp - the dry-cleaning and laundry service that picks up your dirty clothes and delivers them back to your door.


Within seconds, I'd scheduled a pick-up via the app on my phone and gathered a pile of clothes in preparation. I love that you can pick different combinations within the app, depending on your needs. The "High Five", for example, will see five shirts washed, ironed, and hung for you - all for £10. £12 will get you the "Double Bed Set": wash and clean of a bed sheet, duvet cover, and two pillowcases. Ideal for the time-starved and those who have little space for air drying in tiny London flats!

The next day, a nice man came to my door with a laundry bag, and I shamefully stuffed pairs of jeans and tops into it, avoiding all eye contact. A few days later (and this was the only downside to the service, as I couldn't seem to find a delivery time that suited my busy schedule that week), it was returned to me - bang on time (even though they sent me an apologetic text and follow-up email to say that they'd be late) - neatly folded and placed in a bag, smelling like spring flowers. And by golly - it was the first time that I had soft jeans. What a luxury! (Years of living in a hard water zone and air-drying my jeans means that they're stiff and rough as sandpaper when I put them on - not fun.)

So, while I hopefully won't be outsourcing bagfuls of laundry to Laundrapp again, I'm really looking forward to using their services as the temperatures cool down again and I'll need to whip out my little black and grey cashmere collection. One of the things I hate about getting clothes dry-cleaned is the inconvenience of picking them up after work, hauling them around on public transport, and paying all sorts of exorbitant fees (my last dry-cleaning bill for a few cashmere sweaters came to £37 - eeks!).

With Laundrapp, there's none of that - I simply have to open my door.

What about you? Does anything in your closet have a "dry-clean only" tag? Would you ever try Laundrapp?

This post was sponsored by Laundrapp. All opinions are my own. Right now, you can get £10 off your first order with the code "NOTACLUE" (haha, that's me!) when you download the Laundrapp, erm, app.


  1. There really is an App for everything, isn't there?!

    1. I *almost* used that phrase in this post, Ruth! There really is.

  2. Apps are revolutionising the world...

    1. I know, Emma! Everytime I run into a problem, I think, "there must be an app for that ..." So bad!

  3. Laundry service has been a life savor for us since we moved over! It was hard for us to get use to the hard water and air dry feel you mentioned so we opted in for comfort. We use another company (zipjet) but I'm now curious to compare!

    1. A friend of mine uses Zipjet, Brittany! I've always been curious to try a laundry app, so I'm definitely going to use this more often, especially for dry-cleaning in the winter. Do you tend to use it for all your laundry, or just some? I'm seriously considering sending my jeans there on a regular basis to get that "soft" feel! Though we do have a tumble dryer now ...

  4. What a fabulous idea!! One less thing to worry about!

    Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries

  5. I (often) get to the point where I realize, "Oh crap, I reallyREALLY need to do my laundry" and I can't even attribute it to big life changes; I'm just easily distracted. So I totally get why you'd be hyped about this app. It sounds like a fantastic service to me.

  6. Laundry takes SO MUCH TIME, doesn't it? Who can really be bothered. Don't they know we have wall art to buy?!


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