Monday, September 12, 2016

The Only Statement Necklace You'll Ever Need

Happiness Boutique literally delivered a shot of happiness to my desk when I received this beautiful Flower Treasure Statement Necklace in the mail last week. I'd been having a bad day at work (immediately filing an irate email into a folder so it wouldn't keep appearing at the top of my inbox and angrily shuffling papers on my desk), so anything at that point would have cheered me up, but opening a box to find this stunning necklace inside was positively uplifting. 

My usual go-to for statement jewelry recently closed (sob!) but a friend recommended Happiness Boutique to me and, curious, I spent one lunchtime browsing their necklaces. I was drawn to the colors in the Flower Treasure Statement Necklace as it reminded me of the wildflowers we're about to plant in our garden - green, lilac, orange, and gold.

But, not gonna lie: I'm always dubious about the quality of costume jewellery that I've ordered online. In fact, I'd prepared myself to be a little disappointed when I opened the box from Happiness Boutique. I was surprised at how vibrant it looked in person - in fact, the photos on their website don't do it justice! I tried it on at home and John immediately commented when I bounded down the stairs, "Ooh! Is that new? Where is it from? It looks very high quality!"

The necklace has a lot of weight to it and the design is one of the most unique I've seen in a long while. I like the way the pattern changes as it travels up the neckline, which adds a bit of interest.

By day, I like to keep my jewellery style pretty minimal: I wear the same delicate gold necklaces and rings on rotation, but when I'm going out or headed to an event, I like to jazz things up with statement necklaces, as evidenced in this post (where you can see my newly organized tray of statement jewellery).

Are you a statement jewellery fan, or do you prefer a more low-key look? How do you "dress up" an outfit?

Great news! Angloyankophile readers can get an exclusive discount of 10% off orders over €19 until October 11, 2016 - just enter the code 'angloyankophile' at checkout. Enjoy!

My necklace was provided to me by Happiness Boutique, but all flowery opinions are my own. Shop their statement necklaces here.


  1. My gosh woman you are beautiful! (And so is that necklace!)

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

  2. I love this necklace Jaime especially the colours and it looks gorgeous on :) xx

    1. SO glad you're a fan, Maggie! When I asked my mom and my friend what they thought about this necklace (before I received it), they were like, "meh ..." But I really loved it as soon as I opened the box! It's so pretty. xx

  3. This is just totally gorgeous! And it really suits you.

  4. Fabulous necklace and you are absolutely stunning!

  5. This is a gorgeous piece Jaime.
    I also adore how you're gazing at John's legs ;)
    *crying because this shot is actually so cool*

  6. Wow, what a beautiful statement necklace? I like it very much. Really stunning statement necklace. You can wear it with any outfit for a gorgeous look.
    Fashion Haul


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