Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Travel Link-Up: Our Travel-Inspired Interiors

This month's travel link-up topic was, "a place that inspired you". And I thought - which place hasn't inspired me? From the antique markets and fresh produce of Bordeaux, to the breathtaking glassy blue rivers and waterfalls of Iceland, to the dusty, frenetic souks of Marrakech - I've left every location we've travelled to in the past five years with a renewed sense of joie de vivre, not to mention, an overstuffed suitcase.

It's been over a year since we moved into our house, and since then, we've filled it with treasures from places we've visited. I love that so many of my belongings - from buttery soft leather slippers bartered for at a dusty Moroccan souk to a pretty, silvered brass vase plucked from the highest shelf of Good Earth in Bangalore - are souvenirs John and I chose together in some of our favorite destinations in the world. Seeing them in our house takes us back to those happy memories of basking in the tropical sun on a beach with palm trees overhead, or tucking our legs into a tuk-tuk after a biryani dinner, the driver expertly weaving in and out of traffic to deliver us safely back to our hotel.

Here are some of those pieces, juxtaposed with photos of where we bought them:

Vintage postcards, purchased in Galle, Sri Lanka

Antique map of North America, purchased in Bordeaux, France

Moroccan slippers and pouffe, purchased in Marrakech, Morocco

Brass hand-etched vase, purchased in Bangalore, India

Lantern, purchased in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Are you a serial souvenir collector? We're always on the lookout for a little something to put on our bookshelves, or a new light fixture!

This post is part of the April Travel Link-Up, hosted by Angie, Polly, Emma, and Reena. Head over to their blogs for more travel inspiration!

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