Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Morning Embarrassing Tube Story: Total Wipe-Out

As I stepped off the train at Embankment this morning on my way to work, I noticed out a figure out of the corner of my eye briskly walking up behind me.  I made room for the woman on the crowded Monday-morning rush hour platform as she was clearly in a rush.  As we shuffled up the stairs, she picked up her pace a little to overtake the woman in front of me and, in doing so, completely wiped out on the steps. Like, face-plant style.  I was mortified for her. 
You see, I had done something similar (but worse) outside Embankment tube station oh, about a year ago.  I remember having a serious attitude problem that morning and huffing and puffing my way around people as I tried to make my way to work.  It was raining heavily that day and as I ran up some steps leading to Embankment Gardens, I shoved my way past a man, slipped and went splat.  Hard.  In front of a LOT of people.  The same man I shoved past heard me wipe out (he was in front of me by this point as I laid on my side in disbelief and embarrassment), paused (and I detected the hint of a smile), turned to me and said, "You ok?" I nodded sheepishly and continued at a normal pace to work, repeating the mantra, "Karma's a bitch" to myself and vowing to never again act like such a prissy brat during my morning commute (or ever, for that matter). 
So when the poor girl face-planted next to me on the stairs, I instinctively reached out to her and said in a quiet voice, "Are you okay?"  Clearly embarrassed, she straightened up quickly, flipped her hair back and flashed a quick smile.  "Yeah, thanks, I'm fine." 
I guess patience equals safety - that, or simply slowing down in order to not wipe out.  Cringe.

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