Friday, October 8, 2010

It's-u Just Next Door!

When I travel back to the States by myself, I like to arrive at Heathrow Terminal 5 early (mostly because I'm a manic, anxiety-ridden traveler) and find myself a nice spot of mid-afternoon lunch to eat (and take my Valium), while taking in my fellow travelers and luxury shops that surround me.  One of my favorite places to perch at is Itsu, a sushi chain in London that is the brainchild of Julian Metcalfe, co-founder of Pret-a-Manger (surprise, surprise - my love for Pret knows no bounds, as you all might know).  I'll admit its motto of "health and happiness" is enough to elicit a groan and eye roll, but they do fantastic, fresh (although John recently had a not-so-fantastically-fresh experience at his nearest Itsu - ruh roh!) sushi boxes that come with a deliciously dressed salad on the side.  Of course, the feeling of satiation barely lasts from the minute I step out of the Itsu box and board the aircraft, but it's worth it for that tiny slice of luxurious heaven.  

So you won't judge me, then, when I say that I stood stock-still in the middle of on-coming traffic on The Strand yesterday (a cab driver kindly jolted me out of my reverie with his horn) as I received the biggest shock of my Thursday morning: strolling down Southampton Row on my way back to the office from Covent Garden, it was there.  Itsu.  Opening just next door.  When I say "opening", I mean builders were still inside painting the walls.  Magical.

I'd better get a bloody good discount.

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