Friday, November 19, 2010

Ooh La Lush!

Lady friends of mine, avert your eyes!  For you just might receive this gorgeously wrapped gift from me at Christmas this year (if you're good, that is).  Isn't this lovely?  Have you ever seen a prettier and/or more creatively wrapped present?  This is courtesy of Lush in Covent Garden Market, y'all.  I was storming towards Space NK for some last minute presents when these in the store window made my head turn instead.
You pick whatever products you'd like to go inside (each are individually bagged and tagged so the recipient knows her bath bomb from her massage bar) and choose the scarf of your liking from a wide variety.  The cashier expertly wraps it for you (in my case, a British-accented LA native - yes, I know, ew, but he was so nice!) and voila - happy fashionable christmas!  The one on the left was made entirely of recycled bottles (how this is possible, I have no idea) so it's SUPER eco-friendly!  And at £3.95 per scarf wrap service, it's not a bad shout, as John would say (though I still don't really know what that means so might have used it incorrectly).
Perfect for the inner (or outer) fashionistas!  (Male friends will not be receiving this, although if you're fabulously gay, you just might!)
As an added bonus, Lush staff are undeniably entertaining (if not a tad too overenthusiastic).  One super faboosh employee broke into a brilliant impromptu dance routine to a Janet Jackson anthem, prompting me to wag my finger at him: "You should be on The X Factor, you know, you so should.  You're amazing."  "Oh thank you," he said, blushing.  "Thank you!!!"  No, thank you.

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