Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Morning Tube Rant: Wheelie Bags

You know, looking back at the past year's worth of blog posts, I don't know what I was complaining about on my "tube rants".  Seriously?  That was the Bakerloo line: people were polite, even civilized, compared to the neanderthals that board the Piccadilly or Central lines.  Those Piccadilly or Central line travelers have no qualms about physically attacking you in order to not miss a train (I've had first hand experience and yes, I'm not proud of it, but I retaliated.  It made me feel better).
But aside from the serious aggro and negativity Piccadilly and Central line users project between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. every day, I've found myself confronted with a very peculiar impediment to my train journey every morning, consistently, for the past two weeks: wheelie bags.  You know, those medium sized travel bags or suitcases that are wheeled behind you for overnight stays at grandma's house or something.  And every morning, I seem to be stuck behind one and its owner, who is oblivious to the obstacle his stupid bag is providing to all weary commuters.  One man seemed quite apologetic and considerately picked up the small bag by its handle when moving through areas of congestion, but others insist on dragging it about four feet behind them, so that the person immediately following does a helpless sort of wide-legged hobble/dance to get around it while having his heels nipped at by the person behind.  You follow?  It's annoying.  These bags should be banned.  Sometimes I think, 'Oh, it's not their fault - I might be guilty of this someday when you know, I'm coming back from grandma's house (except that wouldn't happen because my grandma lives in Hong Kong but that's another story)' but then on other days, when some skinny chick has just come flying at me with claws and all because she's desperate to get to the closing doors of a Piccadilly train, then I rage and rage and think 'No, get your $%^&&*^ piece of @#$% out of my way you @#$%^&* imbecile.' 

And to think I was complaining that my commute was boring last year - ha!  Oh, how times have changed.  But I asked for it.

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