Saturday, June 4, 2011

I May Not Be Going To The London 2012 Olympics But ...

... I got a souvenir!  Well, sort of.  Sadly, we didn't get any tickets that we applied for (I was certain we'd be in for the canoe slalom event - I mean, WHO THE HECK GOT THOSE TICKETS??), like the majority of our friends.  But John arrived back from his business trip to Berlin late Tuesday night and proudly thrust a gift bag bearing the London 2012 logo on it into my chest. "What's this?" I asked, rubbing my eyes blearily (after all, it was past my bedtime of 9:30 pm.  I kid you not, folks, I kid you not).  "A present!" he said happily.  I peered into the bag warily (which is mean of me, I know) but was ecstatic to pull this out:

That's right, a London 2012 Adidas running top with the Olympic logo on the front and back from the official London 2012 shop at Heathrow (and if you click on the link I've just provided, you'll see that my major girl crush, heptathlete Jessica Ennis is wearing the same one, but in yellow. *swoon*).

It's fashionable, fantastic to run in and even bears some words of encouragement on the lower back, which just might help me along during my non-Olympic feat of running to work (which is a measly 3k) every morning:

Maybe those words are meant for a marathon runner instead.  But still, it was some consolation after discovering the bitter fact that I would be subjected to heaving crowds of tourists during the summer months of 2012 and still only watching the Olympic games from our flat.  At least we have a projector.

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