Tuesday, October 25, 2011

M&Cs: The Chewiest Peanut Butter Cookies

Keeping in line with the Mount Holyoke theme below, I made some peanut butter cookies on Sunday in honor of the MHC tradition of Milk & Cookies (AKA M&Cs), with a recipe stolen from Ramshackle Glam (via Adeline), which I absolutely love.

For cookies, I almost always exclusively follow American-originated recipes: the cookies turn out soft, moist, and most importantly, CHEWY, like the beloved Toll House variety I used to have as a child.  British recipes tend to result in cookies that are slightly too crispy and crunchy to my liking (more akin to biscuits), though if I'm making a cake (especially Victoria sponge), I definitely turn to the wisdom of Mary Berry.

After a very yummy yoga class taught by Lauren on Sunday morning, she, Bindy, John, and I indulged in a sumptuous Sunday roast at The Winchester in Islington.  And while our stomachs groaned at the sight of the dessert menu, I insisted that we needed something sweet and decided to fulfill a craving for peanut butter cookies.  John muttered something about "time constraints", so in an act of defiance, I unfortunately bragged (rather loudly, in fact) that it'd take "20 minutes flat" to produce a batch of warm, chewy cookies.

I spent about 10 minutes looking for my mixer.

So it actually took me thirty minutes, but in the end, I ended up with some delicious, chewy, mouth-wateringly-aromatic peanut butter cookies.  WIN.

Though, when I took them into work, they were enjoyed by all but one - who remarked that they "could be crunchier".  I glowered.

So that got me thinking: how do YOU prefer your cookies?  Crunchy or chewy?  Leave your comments below and I just might send you a batch - just the way you like 'em.


  1. Chewy all the way. Crispy just gets all over the place. I'm going to try this recipe this weekend. Sounds just perfect. YUMMMMMY!

  2. I miss M&C's! I like softer cookies, with slight crispy edges.

    PS I am loving your posts about being "elfed". You are a lucky girl and your elf sounds awesome!

  3. I know, I have never felt more undeserving than when these gifts started popping up at my work desk and door! I will have to return the favor to some unassuming MoHo a few years below me ...

  4. I like my cookies to be slightly crunchy on the outside but doughy, gooey, and delightful once you bite into them! :)

  5. Kind of sounds like Chef Jeff cookies! Wait ... do you still have Chef Jeff cookies??

  6. OF COURSE we still have Chef Jeff cookies!! :)


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