Sunday, January 22, 2012

Best Friends Get UGG-ly Together

That's Udita on the left and me on the right.

After agonizing over whether or not to buy a pair of UGGs for oh, a few years, Udita finally took the plunge - but not before also agonizing over what color and height she should buy ("Gray or chocolate brown? I think gray but then you sent me that email that said I should get chocolate brown so now I really think I should get chocolate brown. But the gray look good too!") then experiencing buyer's remorse ("I totally should have gotten the long chocolate browns, not the short grays. I totally regret it. Do you like them? You think so? You think the gray look good?").

So momentous was this decision that we decided to co-ordinate our outfits so we'd both be wearing our UGGs when meeting each other for lunch a couple weeks ago.

Having lunch with Udita and writing tormented emails to each other about what color UGGs and iPad covers to buy reminded me of my New Year's resolution to make more of an effort to visit my friends - wherever they are in the world. This especially hit home this weekend after Adeline's third (or fourth? Or even fifth?) trip down to London to stay with me and my lousy one-time trip to Edinburgh to see her.

This picture reminds me of how lovely my real friends are and how precious the time I have with them truly is.

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