Monday, March 5, 2012

All The Cool Kids Have This: Herschel Backpacks

A Herschel backpack, that is. All the cool kids in London are cycling with them on their backs while wearing turned-up skinnies and/or khakis, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, navy wool blazers and Oxfords - no socks, 'natch. It's like a uniform and I want in. I actually think my dad has an orange one hanging up in his office at home - gonna steal that next time I'm back. Our parents were so ahead of the times! That, plus the fact that trends are recycled over and over again.

In other lustworthy news, they also make an iPad sleeve in mint green. MINT GREEN:

I. Must. Have.

In some not-so-cool news, you can purchase these in the UK, but the prices aren't reduced from the US site (much like what I predict will happen when J. Crew finally appears over here): instead, a '£' sign simply replaces the '$'. Typical. Luckily, I can have this sent to my non-home in Washington. I can just picture my room becoming a stockpile of American retail goods.


  1. Where in London can I get them ?

  2. HI Rijeli! I think you can buy this brand at Urban Outfitters and Size as well, here in the UK. I think I've also seen it on Asos. Good luck in finding one!


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