Friday, March 15, 2013

Right Now, I Miss This: Vietnamese Coffee

I'll write more about my recent trip to Vietnam when I can keep my eyes open for more than 30 minutes at a time (jet lag sucks), but for now, let me just say that I really, really, really miss Vietnamese coffee. Every time we stopped for a rest from our tourist activities or for a mid-morning/afternoon/evening drink, I'd order a Vietnamese iced coffee "with milk", knowing full well that they meant condensed milk - that favorite, sticky, sickly-sweet addiction of mine that is hard to find in the UK but readily added by Cantonese cafes to thick pieces of toast and the like. Our friends, Sofie and Colin (who happened to be in Hoi An at the same time) were thoroughly grossed out by the addition of this delicious, thick milk to the already sweetened coffee, but I was in seventh heaven.

The photo above is from a very hard to find cafe (read: tucked in far back off the street in a silk shop, up three spiral staircases) in Hanoi, which gives terrific rooftop views over the city. That's my iced coffee on the left, and John's egg white coffee on the right.

In. Love.

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  1. You can get really good Vietnamese coffee at the restarant Pho =)


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