Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fresh Fruit Popsicles, Biang Biang Noodles, and Provolone Meatball Subs at Harringay Market

Last weekend, it was beautiful outside, but I was feeling rotten with the onset of this flu virus I've had all week. Feeling bitter that none of the street food stalls I'd been dying to try in London were open on Sundays (including KERB, in King's Cross), I was super excited to stumble upon London Eating's mid-morning tweet announcing Harringay Market's food line-up for the day. My mouth watered at the prospect of trying Mama Wang's traditional Chinese hand "pulled" biang biang noodles, plus the enticing sound of Capish's provolone meatball sub.

At this point, I really should have listened to my body and stayed in bed (I had a fever and aches at this point, plus a throat so swollen that I could hardly swallow), but stubbornly, I didn't want the bug to ruin my weekend. So, John and I trudged to the bus stop and made it to Harringay in less than 20 minutes.

The market is set up within an elementary school ground, which lends it a terrific feeling of community. It's clear that locals visit regularly to catch up at the small tables set up on the playground, while their kids play happily within watching distance. There's also live music, which adds to the overall ambience. It all felt very friendly and inviting - but most importantly, not overcrowded, which can often ruin my food stall experiences in London (have you ever tried elbowing your way through Borough Market? I love it there, but it's often just too much for me to handle. Feel the same way about Greenwich Market).

In Vietnam and Thailand, we paid a pittance (around 80p per dish) to enjoy the street food - in London of course, it's quite a different story. A bowl of noodles, a sub sandwich, two popsicles, two brownies, and two drinks later (yeah ... um ... we overindulged) set us back around £25, which is more than we'd usually spend on lunch. But it's the experience that counts.

I had my first popsicle (or as Brits call them here, "ice lollies" - one phrase I will *not* be adopting, thankyouverymuch) of the year:

A delicious blend of fresh, frozen raspberries with a twist of vanilla ice cream from Ice Kitchen. At £2.50 a pop, it's possibly the most expensive popsicle I've ever had but undoubtedly the best as well. It's essentially frozen fruit, which I know I could probably make myself, given the time and effort, but on a day when I was feeling downright lousy, it was an absolute savior to my sore throat.

By the time we returned home, I felt a lot worse, so surrendered to Motrin and my bed. Still, I'll definitely be returning to Harringay Market soon for more delicious street eats and friendly conversation.

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