Monday, July 8, 2013

Seattle: Life Is But A Dream

Oh, Seattle. Did this (above) really happen? Did I really just spend last week and weekend with three of my best friends from college, laughing so hard until our stomachs ached; visiting Paradise at the base of Mt Rainier with John and his mom; eating freshly dug clams that were so big and sweet, that they tasted of the sea? Did John and I really have the most perfect, sweet, American wedding reception of our dreams that my parents generously organized and hosted? Were we only cutting leftover wedding cake 24-hours ago in Renton at the conclusion of a dim sum brunch extravaganza?

I can't quite believe it. But I do have a scar from where a mosquito bit me (the bite subsequently swelled to great proportions) as I enjoyed a beer on my parents' newly finished, beautiful deck on a deliciously hot, summer's evening with John and his mom. And I also have pale pink nails as a result of having a last-minute $12 manicure with Udita somewhere along 4th Avenue on the day of the reception. Plus, hundreds of photos and videos of our trip, taken as if I had known I'd need these reminders to help prove it wasn't all a glorious dream as I type this from my hot and stuffy NE London flat.

I'll explain more in the next few posts, but until then, enjoy these photos of perfection - taken from the top deck of an Argosy cruise ferry to Tillicum Village on Blake Island.


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