Sunday, March 16, 2014

Street Food Sunday @ The Sunday (Up)Market on Brick Lane

I'm a little embarrassed: my Instagram feed has been filled with food as of late, and it's no secret that I've been eating out a lot ... but spending less time at the gym. But I have good reason to, I swear! There's so much good food happening in London at the moment - you'd be stupid not to spend your weekends as a food tourist in this city.

Today was no exception as we headed to one of my favorite markets in London, the Sunday (Up)Market on Brick Lane - just a short distance from Spitalfields Market. Filled with handmade crafts, clothing, and food, this is the place to go if you want to spend your Sunday just chilling out and soaking up the atmosphere on Brick Lane. When I woke up late this morning, I had a craving for street food served up in foil containers, with a fork stabbed into it - and I knew that the Sunday (Up)Market would have just what I was looking for.

Having tried a sample of the Malaysian pancakes (being prepared in the photo above), John became quickly obsessed and ordered a "traditional" pancake, which consists of peanuts, creamed corn (yes, you read that correctly), and lashings of melted butter. The combination may sound bizarre, but together, the flavors were truly extraordinary and made for a very filling, but delicious dessert.

I went for the apple and cinnamon option, but quickly regretted it after sampling the black glutinous rice and coconut filling, which was even tastier. So greedy.

On Friday, I had a random craving for okonomiyaki, a Japanese savory pancake that contains a variety of different ingredients topped with a special, sweet soy sauce, mayonnaise, and seaweed seasoning - true comfort food. The word okonomi means "what you like" or "what you want", so every pancake can be made differently, according to your wishes. I last enjoyed a delicious okonomiyaki at a Japanese cafe in Hanoi, where they made it with dried shrimp and pork.

Today, I walked past a Japanese food stall preparing fresh okonomiyaki on the grill and couldn't help but do a double-take and pull out my wallet.

This variety contained shredded cabbage, sweet corn, and cheese. While it wasn't quite as wonderful as the one I had in Vietnam, it was still very tasty - especially when served hot on a paper plate. We sat on the curb with all the other (Up)Market shoppers and tried not to get our feet run over as bewildered drivers tried to navigate the congested road surrounding The Old Truman Brewery.

All in all, a delicious, food-filled, fun-filled weekend. Happy days.

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