Monday, April 14, 2014

Cherry Blossom Jackpot

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I'm really happy because it's a four-day week this week AND next week, due to the Easter Bank Holiday. We're spoiled by the number of Bank Holidays we have in the UK in the spring and summer, with two in May and one more in August. We're off to Amsterdam this weekend but until then, I'm enjoying the sunshine in London and the spring blooms.

I've been so jealous of everyone's gorgeous photos of pink cherry blossom trees on Instagram and was getting grumpier by the second that I hadn't seen any good ones in Islington yet (Hackney had loads when we ran up to London Fields this weekend - well, John ran, I jogged breathlessly behind him like a retired donkey).

But when we were looking at some potential houses this weekend (didn't see any we liked, btw) in Greenwich, I hit the cherry blossom jackpot.

Pink confetti everywhere! Unfortunately, every photo I took of the actual trees was marred by cars and buildings in the background, so I gave up and just started snapping away at the beautiful pink collection of petals that fell onto the sidewalks. Most homeowners had jaw-droppingly gorgeous rose bushes that were also in bloom in shades like bright pink or vibrant red, which made for a lovely contrast with the pale pink blossom petals.

I love cherry blossom trees because they remind me of the one we have at the end of our driveway in Washington. Each spring, the breeze would cause the petals to drop and make a beautiful array of confetti on the gravel, welcoming me home from school every afternoon.

I know that spring in London can also bring on unwanted pests like clothes moths and hayfever, but at the same time, it's lovely just to look up and see these beautiful pink clouds of blossoms slowly shedding their petals.

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