Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ChaCult Magic Teapot

On Saturday, we met up with Colin, Sofie and their adorable baby girl, Marley, at one of our favorite Dalston hangouts, The Proud Archivist. I've blogged about the gallery/cafe/event space before, but I just love spending time there - whether it's a rainy or sunshine-filled day. The way the light pours into the two-tiered, open space makes it feel light and airy and the long, communal tables make it a great place to catch up with friends. Oh, and the wall-to-wall bookshelves also give me interior-design envy.

Anyway, the point of this post is that John ordered a fresh mint tea with his brunch (so hardcore, I know) and was presented with this amazing, "magic" teapot by ChaCult when it arrived.

Isn't it cool? Too bad the server didn't give him any instructions (it doesn't look drastically dissimilar to other teapots, don't you think?), as John proceeded to pour the tea the "normal" way (i.e. from the top of the pot) and made a mess over the table. Oops. With this "magic" teapot, you simply press the base of the teapot onto your glass/mug, and the tea is released from the bottom of the pot. I'm not sure it would look as cool without the corresponding glass from Chash Tea, but you get the picture.

I think this would make a great gift for a kitchen-gadget-obsessed friend or relative (except my dad, who would wave his hand dismissively and call this sort of thing "a gimmick" - he's a traditionalist and takes his tea brewing very, very seriously!). What do you think? Are you a tea drinker?


  1. This is super cool! I don't drink much tea at home, though, and only have one friend who is an avid tea drinker. Interesting though! Looks a bit like a blender.

    1. Yeah, I'm not sure how effective it is with other tea leaf varieties, but it's snazzy to use!

  2. I have one of those and I love it- a US tea company called Adagio has been selling them for a while branded as the "ingenuiTea." It's quite ingenious, but cleaning the tea leaves off the filter at the bottom is a HUGE pain in the butt. Still, if you like loose leaf tea instead of bags, this is definitely the way to go.

    1. Good to know, Steven! I've been meaning to check out Adagio teas whenever I'm in the States as I know my Stateside friends are fans.


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