Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Quick Survey!

Here at Angloyankophile headquarters (made up of me, sitting in a dirty fleece-robe with day-old hair in front of a non-Apple laptop, eating candy corn straight out of the bag, with Real Housewives of New Jersey on in the background), I like to know what you think. And, usually, you tell me in the comments sections - which is great!

But I'd like to know what you think, specifically, about Angloyankophile and how I can write more posts that interest you (although, the priority is me here - let's be realistic. I'M KIDDING. But not really).

So, would you mind taking this quick survey to let me know? (Except for you, Mom - I don't think you need to take it. Thanks.)

Thank you so much.

(Yeah, Mom - please. Don't take the survey. You'll just skew the results.)


  1. Go on, tell me that Mom took the survey ...?!

  2. Why is mom excluded? What happened to Equal Opportunity? This is a formal protest. I LOVE surveys, have been taking every single one from the telemarketers. What better chance for me to air my opinion? - the anonymous mom

    1. Dear "The Anonymous Mom" - thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. One thing I'm unlcear about, however, is why you wish to remain "anonymous"? Why not reveal your identity?

      The questions are like, "How did you discover Angloyankophile?" and your answer would be like, "I GAVE BIRTH TO ANGLOYANKOPHILE." So that's why you're excluded. Sorry. If you want, I can make a side survey for you.

      Btw, I know you don't take surveys from telemarketers because you let the phone ring through to the answering machine. Fact.


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