Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Shop Indie, Shop Monday Monday

Mondays, eh? I basically had one of the worst ones ever this week after waking to text from my bank alerting me that someone had gotten a hold of my debit card details and used them for a number of transactions. By the time I'd arrived to work? My entire account had been cleared. Like, zilch.

Then, on the way back from an extremely frustrating encounter at the bank (following an extremely frustrating 45-minute conversation with their customer service on the phone), the elastic laces on my shoes snapped - leaving them twanging about on one shoe as I slapped down the pavement in Bloomsbury like a deranged (and enraged), I don't know, half-shoe person.

So, yeah. That Monday wasn't the best.

But something that's made Mondays infinitely better is the launch of my gal pal (and ex-expat) Robin Reetz's online store, Monday Monday - showcasing the best from the independent fashion and design community.

Each Monday, erm, Monday Monday launches a new sale with an emerging designer. Every sale is a limited edition run, so while you're encouraged to shop slow, you're also getting a special, beautiful piece that you won't see on everyone else. Plus, you get a sneak peek behind the brand in the form of a mini Q&A with the maker/designer - it's like browsing a shop and chatting to the store owner. Except online (which I prefer because I'm socially awkward).

A couple of weeks ago, it was this Modern Short breton-striped tee from KULE in NYC (as beautifully modelled by Robin herself - isn't she stunning?!):

And last week, it was this simple but impactful Ring Lariat Necklace by Kari Breitigam:

At the minute, Monday Monday doesn't ship internationally (SORT IT OUT, ROBIN!) but there's free shipping to the U.S. So, all you American friends (or Brits with American friends with American zip codes) can take advantage of the 15% off discount code JAIMELOVESMONDAYS (heh, ironic!) - valid until November 2nd!

Check in with Monday Monday every ... Monday. They'll be your new favorite - I promise.

All photos by D Watterson III. Tee and necklace modelled by Robin Reetz.


  1. Just another manic Monday :) I love the way you've styled the top and the photo in the woods.
    Lots of love,

    1. Haha, thanks, Angie! Although that's actually Robin - not me ... I think I need to edit that in the post! I wish I looked like her though! She's a style expert. :)

  2. Oh no! So sorry to hear about your card :( I love your outfit though, the shade of the blue stripes is gorgeous!

    C x | Lux Life

    1. Thanks, lovely - SUCH a pain! It's Robin in the photos (which I need to make clear) - I love the stripes! It comes in a variety of colors too.

  3. Man! That is a bad Monday, I hope you're feeling less enraged and get it all sorted. I have had a similar experience, which involved my bank cards being stolen, used to buy hundreds of pounds of travel cards (in the days before Oyster or even chip and pin), and then my shoe breaking. Weird, huh?

    I absolutely love the sound of this shop and have been following Robin's blog since seeing you guys being all great and fun on Twitter... definitely up for some UK postage options.

    Oh, and "Except online (which I prefer because I'm socially awkward)" pretty much applies to my whole life. Hurrah for us!


    1. ARE WE, LIKE, THE SAME PERSON?? What a coincidence!

      Yep, Robin is absolutely, positively, hands down great. I wish you two could have met while she was still living here! But she'll be back for visits and maybe we can arrange something sometime :) xxx

    2. WE ARE, LIKE, TOTALLY THE SAME. It is my aim to become as American as you are becoming English, ha ha.

      And yes! I'd love that. She really does seem to be awesome (see - I'm American). xxx

  4. I looove that necklace. So simple, but really eye-catching. I also love that Robin is surrounded by bamboo in that second picture. I might have to order some stuff for myself and have it sent to my mom's house b/cI'magrownupexpatdon'tjudgemeeee XD

    1. Dude, isn't she the most amazing model? And doesn't her husband take the most beautiful photos? I personally think that necklace would look amazing on you, Gianni. I just keep getting excited to see what comes out next!

  5. Sorry to hear about that very bad monday! I hope everything got sorted out (card AND shoe). :)
    I love the concept behind Robin's store. I'm all for shopping slow and this kind of project is totally my thing!



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