Sunday, November 15, 2015


I don't have any words for what happened in Paris on Friday; or for what's been happening in the world lately. I felt sick to my stomach as we watched the news unfold in HD on our TV screen, phrases like, "total carnage", "terrible tragedy", "shock and disbelief" being thrown around by news anchors who looked just as bewildered as we felt.

John's due to be in Paris for a business trip tomorrow and as far as he's aware, everything's proceeding as normal. My mom asked me about our plans to visit together as a family in December and I - as of now, at least - fully intend to proceed as normal.

Because attempting to resume normality is defiance. Normality isn't giving in.


  1. Please do continue with your plans to visit Paris ... if you don't go, you let them win.

  2. Stay safe, wherever you go. I really love the new look of your blog, btw :)

    1. Thanks, Gianni. And thank you re: the blog! The big reveal is supposed to be tomorrow morning - I didn't think anyone read my blog on Sunday nights (or on the weekend, for that matter!)! I'm touched that you do.

  3. Normality is not, not giving in.

  4. i completely agree.. i have felt numb and helpless but i realize with the same sentiment as you that carrying on is one way to cope.

    beautiful new page btw :)

  5. I totally agree.....we must never give in......and Parisians need to know we are with them.

  6. "Normality isn't giving in." So well said.


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