Friday, April 28, 2017

Dropping the Ball

This week, I've been feeling sluggish and down. Short-tempered and sad. Dragging my heels over every little thing - from making the smallest decisions to getting work done.

My friend Kara sent me a wonderful email last night, with this little anecdote that I thought we could all relate to:

"On Tuesday night, I took a walk and there were several baseball games going on. Walking past the maybe-seven-year-olds, a ball was hit to right field and the young kid fielded the ball and stood there. All the kids and parents were yelling at him, “Throw it to second. Throw it to second. Throw it to second!!!” The kid dropped the ball and threw his hands in the air! shook his head. I laughed. Don’t you feel like that sometimes??? Like everyone is telling you to do this ONE thing and you can’t. You just throw your hands in the air and shake your head? The humility and simple reminder to be - just be yourself. Be in the moment. Eventually he put his glove back on and picked up the ball and threw it to second. Sometimes we all need a little time."

I loved this.

It was a reminder that, once in a while, we should give ourselves permission to drop the ball and throw our hands in the air - but also to (eventually) pick it up and throw it to second. In our own time.

So, here's to dropping the ball.

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