Saturday, May 6, 2017

How To: Travel in Style

As I write this post, I'm running back and forth between bedrooms trying to "curate" essentials for my last-minute trip to Hong Kong next week. I can't believe I'm actually going! John's heading there for work and I got all jealous (even though he asked me months ago if I wanted to come along, to which I answered with a non-committal grunt), so we managed to find tickets a few days ago.

My parents are originally from Hong Kong (I'm fluent in Cantonese!) and most of my relatives still live there, including my dear grandma, who's in her nineties now. It's been over a decade since I returned to the majestic city, and I'm so nervous/anxious/excited to go on my own and experience it with John. I spent most of Monday alternating between screaming in excitement and crying in anticipation of seeing my grandma/re-living so many childhood memories.

I'm only going for four days (I know), so I'm packing light and taking a carry-on. Ambitious? Sure. Impossible? Not at all.

Although the style in Hong Kong is generally pretty casual, I'll be staying at the Mandarin Oriental for most of the trip and we'll be dining out with my relatives, so my mom advised me to "dress smart".

So, here's what I'll be wearing on the plane (does anyone else plan their "plane outfit", or is it just me? My best friend and I could spend hours discussing this topic before our trips!):

This 100% cashmere travel wrap from Charli London

Cashmere wraps are my secret weapon when it comes to long-haul flights (that and a travel-sized version of Avene's thermal water mist). After being boiling hot before take-off, the plane inevitably becomes freezing cold - just as I want to nod off for a snooze. This wrap from Charli London acts as a blanket, a scarf, a pillow and looks so flattering and chic when casually draped around your shoulders (I basically do this at work too, when my outfit's looking too "casual" for a meeting I'd forgotten i.e. throw this cashmere wrap around my shoulders and fish out a pair of heels from under my desk). The pretty, deep burgundy shade works well for summer and winter outfits. Plus, I'm thinking it'll keep the chill off in Hong Kong restaurants, as they really crank up the air con over there (I have fond memories of shivering through dim sum lunches and lobster dinners with my family when I was little) but I can easily tuck it into my bag while traipsing around the hot and humid city.

A comfortable, long-line blazer

Thrown over black skinny jeans on the plane - thrown over a little black dress for evenings out. Sorted.

Almost-like-leggings black skinny jeans

'Cause they suck everything in and always look great. Plus, they're comfortable to boot. 

Black slip-on mules

Easy to slip off when I'm in my seat and easy to slip on during my 1,000,000 trips to the airplane bathroom.

My 'grown-up' handbag

I've been reaching for my new Coach Rogue bag a lot lately - especially when I head off to work. I'm used to carrying slouchy black leather totes and Longchamp Le Pliage bags (because they can fit EVERYTHING inside), but somehow, the structured design of the Rogue makes me feel a little more put-together - a little more like an adult. Even John commented on how "smart" it looked, when we met at the station to go home together.

I'm under no illusion that my dressier "plane outfit" will help me score an upgrade to Business or First (been there, tried that), but it'll at least put me in the right frame of mind for my exciting, spontaneous holiday!

What's your go-to "plane outfit"? (John has a hilarious combination when he travels for work: his suit jacket on top of a t-shirt and sweatpants!)

Great news! Angloyankophile readers can receive £40 off all luxurious cashmere travel wraps at Charli - shop it here and use the code JAIME40TW until May 31st. Happy shopping!

Cashmere travel wrap c/o Charli. Rogue handbag c/o Coach. All opinions are my own.


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