Thursday, June 8, 2017

What's In Your Clutch?

You know how it goes: you're at a wedding and your friend hands you her clutch and says, "Can you hold that for a sec? Thanks." And you're left thinking, what's in this thing? It feels like a brick!

But, I get it. While I'm excellent at packing light for weekends away or even last-minute trips to Hong Kong, I'm pretty terrible at fitting in all the "essentials" in a clutch. I'd love to be one of those women who can get away with using a super cute, tiny little box clutch, but I'm much better off with something a bit more substantial.

Radley has some beautiful and sophisticated leather clutches this season, and I'm especially fan of the Goose Green clutch - a leather wristlet with a removable wallet at the front in case you just want to grab and go (which is what I like to do in the evenings if John and I are heading out to dinner somewhere local).

How handy is that? I also think it's one of the more elegant accessories I own, which is useful for making an outfit look pulled-together and smart.

As for what I've managed to cram in it?

Quite a bit, actually: my phone, keys, blush, powder, brush, perfume, spare bobby pins (or "kirby grips", as they call them here in the UK - so funny!), lipstick, cards, cash (in the front wallet) and I bet I could slide in a few tissues and ibuprofen as well (nothing worse than being stranded with a headache, IMO).

I like that the wristlet strap is totally optional so, there's no need to dangle a brick from your wrist if it's truly heavy - it can be tucked under the arm or just, you know, held in your hands.

I have it in black, but I love it in the Ash Grey color as well. I'm also a fan of this Half Moon clutch, which would look equally great with a maxi dress at a wedding as it would paired with distressed denim at a BBQ (I like my accessories to do double-duty, as you can tell).

Have you got an arsenal of clutches at home that you take out for special occasions? I know I'll be using this one a lot on the weekends, as we tend to stay close to home and I hate bringing a huge bag with me if we're just meeting friends at the pub or a nearby restaurant.

Huge thanks to Radley for sending me this beautiful clutch. Shop the collection here. All opinions are my own.

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