Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cupcake Hate: Jealous, Much?

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  I read a rather unfortunate article in the Guardian the other day, where the author spews venom at the American cupcake, calling it an "alien invasion from across the Atlantic" garishly decorated with "great wodges of lurid buttercream".  Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  She then continues on to describe the superiority (or perhaps austerity?) of British "fairy cakes" - disappointingly flat versions of cupcakes, with a splatter of melted icing sugar (or as the author describes it:  "traditional non-fat glace stuff"). 

Jealous, much?  Maybe your 5-year-old, who has never been introduced to the wonder - no, glory - of our cupcakes will eat your devastatingly boring and uninspired "fairy cakes", but we Americans have been championing our own beautiful pastel creations way longer than bobble-head Carrie from Sex & The City has been stuffing her Manolo Blahnik-ed face with Magnolia Bakery duds, thank you very much.  Shame, too, since I've always thought fairy cakes were ... cute. 

Oooh, burn.

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  1. HA!. Nice. I bet the author secretly shuts herself in a closet and eats a baker's dozen whilst singing "God Bless America."

    Mmm... cupcakes. You know what? I have to say that I like the Betty Crocker ones you bake out of the box and slather with canned frosting. Is that canned stuff even food? I don't care. I'll eat them any day. Though generally I am an equal-opportunity cupcake connoisseur. Personal-sized cake with sugar and butter on top? YES YES and YES.

  2. HAHA - did you read the article? Was it just me, or was she spewing some serious hate? Jeez. Someone's insecure about the size of their cake.

    I bet you bake DELICIOUS cakes, Anna. I love the canned frosting too. Last week, I baked a cake for a party and was sooo tempted to buy some canned frosting instead of making my own. Luckily, the store didn't have any and I ended up making my own so I wasn't being a total fraud, but I love the canned stuff too!

  3. She was snooty. SNOOT SNOOT SNOOTY. "As IF those fat Americans would bring their filthy butter cream blobbed 'cake' to our beautiful island of fairy sponges." Hmmm... still love the UK tho. Big love.

  4. I bought my sister a huge, sparkly (I kid you not), pink iced cupcake for her birthday. I am all for the cupcake. :) When my sis and I have our baking sessions, the more garish, multi-coloured and glittery, the better! The woman who wrote that article was clearly on some self-enforced diet and was taking her hunger out on cupcakes!!

  5. @Anna - I love the UK too but I won't stand for any semblance of American bashing (unless it's deserved)! Especially not our beloved cupcakes.

    @Rachey - that sounds AMAAAAZING. I just don't know how anyone could possibly turn their nose up at buttercream frosting. HOW??

  6. HAHAHAHA burn. i love it. even her majesty herself would indulge in creamy frosting in a glorious cupcake if given half the chance. and don't even get me started on funfetti.....

  7. whoa, whoa, whoa ... what's FUNFETTI???

  8. WHAT?! Give me your address, I will SEND you funfetti. Agree with Anonymous above - it's delicious and fun.


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