Monday, July 5, 2010

I Partied With Perez

I'm a pretty big fan of Perez Hilton's celeb gossip blog (although I once gave myself a self-imposed ban on his website, due to his relentless negativity and hatred towards oh, everyone and anyone he doesn't endorse).  It's mostly offensive and controversial, so I read it all with a grain of salt, tongue-in-cheek, all that stuff.  I'm not going to explain who he is or what he does here, so if you really must know (if you already don't), Wiki him on your own time.  

Anyways, scrolling through for my daily fix of celebrity abuse, I came across an ad on his website for his One Night In London party at the IndigO2 (a smaller venue within the O2).  "CLICK HERE TO WIN FREE PASSES," it said.  So I did.  I forgot all about it until later that week when I received an email saying, "Congratulations!  You've won a pass to Perez's One Night In London party for you and a guest!"  I was pretty excited, to say the least, and emailed John right away to see if he'd be up for it (the predicted answer was 'no', but he surprised me by saying 'yes').  

I had no idea what to expect and thought we'd stay for about an hour or so and leave if it was really awful.  We got to the venue around 10 and about half an hour later, Perez himself took the stage.  Wow.  He is a celebrity in his own right and I see him all the time on other websites, magazines, newspapers, etc., so it was totally surreal seeing him there on stage.  And, it must be said, he has lost a LOT of weight.  His face was like, chiseled.  

First in the line-up were The Hoosiers of "Goodbye Mr. A" fame - they played a song from their new album which will be released in August and were actually amazing live.  Unfortunately, the insufferable Diana Vickers followed, which promptly put me in a bad mood.  

She annoyed me on The X Factor and apparently, still rubs me the wrong way.  But she did do a cover of one of my favorite Snow Patrol songs ("Say Yes") and didn't entirely butcher it ... one thing I will say though, is that the girl has a lot of energy (and for the record, she was barefoot) as she was persistently jumping up and down (her one dance move) and pulling up her dress (which she's doing in this photo, I think - apologies for the poor quality, I took them all on my phone).

The biggest surprise (for me, at least) of the night was the appearance by one of my favorite singers/musicians/artists/crazy-freaks, Peaches (NOT Geldof).

John was thoroughly scandalized but I told him to stop being prudish.  Since my mom and John's mum read this blog, I won't go into who Peaches is or what she's about, but all I can say is that I think she is absolutely the bee's knees for being as inflammatory and obscene as she is - and unapologetically so (the fact that she also underwent at least five different costume stages while on stage also earned my respect.  And because the club was only to about half capacity, she interacted with the audience a lot ("Jesus walked on water, Peaches walks on YOU.") and at the end of her set, jumped off the stage on my side and trotted past us - in the bad-ass way only Peaches could.

The act John and I were both there to see, however, was Kelis (though John's more of a fan than I am - he drunkenly shouted into my ear before the show started, "Kelis has TALENT.  She is TALENTED.  Not like the other people we've seen so far.  (pause)  SHE'S GOT TALENT!!!"  Okay, okay, I get it.  You love Kelis.  Sheesh.). 

When she came on at half past midnight, the crowd went a bit crazy ... she is, after all, Kelis.  And my God - that woman has the most amazing body (especially after having a child!  And yes, she's wearing a beaded wig - only Kelis could get away with that).  She did a very short (about 20 minutes) set that was mixed by 2 DJs on stage, which included "Millionaire" (which none of the snotty teen girls in matching tights and skirts in front of us knew, to my satisfaction) and a mash-up of Madonna's "Holiday" and Kelis's own famous "Milkshake". 

The only crappy part of the night was getting home, as the Jubilee line was down and we bus hopped for two hours (yes, two hours) around East, South and finally Central London before being dropped off at Warwick Avenue.  I don't mind getting home at 3 a.m., but I wish 2 hours of that wasn't due to poor transportation options.  Sort it out, TFL. 

All in all, an absolutely amazing night - thanks, Perez, for letting us in for free!


  1. That's great. What good luck you have. I also love Peaches and would love to see her live. FUN!

  2. I know I'm really lucky - always count my blessings (not just for free concert tix or £1 designer dresses, but for the other, obvious good things in life)! Ahh ... I'm so glad to know now that our mutual love for musicians extends from Tori to Peaches ... lovely!!!


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