Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And What About Ribena?

What about Ribena, you ask (or rather, what is Ribena)?  A UK transplant to the US commented today on how much he missed Ribena and how grape flavored Gatorade in the States tastes "omg hella gross" (sounds like he's adjusted to American culture just fine).  The blackcurrant concentrated syrup was another staple in my grandma's kitchen in Hong Kong and as kids, my brother and I sipped it (once mixed with water) from childproof plastic mugs in the sticky heat of the Hong Kong summer.  Even today when I bought my Ribena juice box from the office Restaurant downstairs, I experienced little flashbacks to those humid days spent in my grandma's apartment with the windows firmly shut and the air conditioning blasting and the smell of char siu drifting in from the kitchen.

So my adoration of Ribena goes way back and it's yet another drink I think should be offered in the States.  Think the only thing we Americans wouldn't be used to is mixing it with water each time - I know a friend who came over to the UK for a study abroad program and tried making "Ribena shots" for a pre-party.  Unfortunately she didn't know you had to mix it with water first and ... well, the rest is history.

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