Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Flat Is Boring

I have absolutely no art in my flat, save a framed photocopy of a sketch by my father which hangs crookedly in the bathroom and a gorgeous piece of metal work from India Udita gave me last year, which hangs at another awkward location in the entry-way. 

This upsets me.

I can't put any hooks up but there are plenty that already exist in the living room and most importantly, in the bedroom, but I've yet to find the right piece.  Can anyone recommend a place for me to buy something affordable yet more original than the usual IKEA/Habitat/John Lewis fare?  I cringe at the thought of another giant sunflower.  I'm thinking there are such places that exist but I think they must exist only in East London or other trendier parts of London.



  1. Why don't your draw your own? You are a famed artist with two pieces of artwork on a huge billboard at a Seattle freeway exit ramp and along a busy road once.

  2. ditto to above commen

  3. Too much pressure. If I know it's gonna hang over my head, it's got to be perfect. And then I get artistic constipation.


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