Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Where My Peeps At?

So Sunday was Easter (duh) and I have to admit, despite having more chocolate in the flat that I could possibly handle and gorgeously decorated chocolate eggs that caught my eye in every shop I went into over the weekend, I missed my peeps.  Easter just isn't the same without the artificially colored and bound-to-give-you-cavities sugared marshmallows shaped as bunnies and chicks.  Peeps, I weep for you.

Update:  I got some peeps!  Lauren shared her stash with me!  Thanks, peep!

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  1. Saw peeps (pink, blue, yellow) on the after- Easter-candy-sale shelf yesterday. Almost bought a box for you, but figured they wouldn't last another month before I see you. Three possibilities:
    eaten up by someone, maggots move in or totally melted by then. SIGH!


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