Monday, November 4, 2013

Choose Your Own Adventure @ Burger & Lobster

So, I'd been wanting to try Burger & Lobster since it opened last year. I was attracted to its simple premise of serving only three items on its menu: lobster (steamed or grilled), lobster roll, or a juicy burger, all for £20 each and served with a side salad and fries. You can also order individual lobsters by weight, which are displayed on a chalkboard above the bar - these are accompanied by never-ending fries and salads, apparently. How Olive Garden of them.

Anyway, I occasionally have a serious hankering for lobster, being torn away from the Pacific Northwest and all that, where a measly 4 ounce lobster tail can set you back $48 (as this past summer proved at Salty's restaurant). I love lobster, hands down. One of my favorite, decadent dishes is lobster noodles, served with a light, creamy sauce, which is available in a select number of restaurants in Hong Kong. My grandfather found out I secretly loved this dish (but would never order it because it was far too expensive) and would order it every time I was at the table.

But I digress. My Burger & Lobster dream came true when John suggested we go there with Iain on Saturday night for dinner. "We'll never get in," I said dismissively when the idea was raised. "Well, I called and was told that as long as we arrived before 7, it should be okay," John replied. This was a restaurant that takes reservations months in advance - because that's how popular it is. And yes, I witnessed people running in order to get in first, beating other prospective diners to the line. Um, intense, much?

But we didn't have to wait that long: John was on his way from work (yes, on a Saturday, AGAIN - we'll discuss that later) and because Iain and I had arrived earlier, we couldn't be seated until John had arrived, so our names were taken and we were directed towards the bar, where Iain bought me a delicious honey and ginger sparkling libation and a rooibos iced tea for himself. John arrived soon after, just before 7, and we snared one of the last tables in the house. Soon after, eager and hopeful couples and parties of four or six would arrive, scanning the restaurant quickly as they approached the hostesses as if to assess the wait. By now, the restaurant was completely full and buzzing: it was 7:10. The bar was also filled to the brim of people waiting to be seated.

I'd been rehearsing for months what I would order, and my mind would not be changed: lobster roll it was for me. John went for the grilled lobster with garlic and lemon butter, while Iain opted for the burger instead (served with optional bacon and cheese at no extra charge).

Evidence below:

My lobster roll was exquisite to say the least. The filling was very lightly tossed in mayonaise and marinated, I believe, and served cold with a sprinkling of chives on the top. The brioche was warm, lightly toasted and very buttery. The skinny fries were a perfect accompaniment and I even liked the salad. For a second, I forgot that I was in a trendy, City restaurant and imagined that I was at an American bar and grill instead.

John's lobster, on the other hand, was a whole other ball game: it was delectable. And good thing he doesn't mind sharing! I savored every morsel of buttery goodness he forked my way. 

Iain's burger, piled high, also looked delicious, but understandably not as impressive as the lobster selections. Rookie mistake.

After we patted our full bellies, we were offered the option of ice cream or cheesecake to finish, but we decided to skip dessert and go for a drink elsewhere instead ... although we ended up at Ping Pong ordering dim sum desserts. Oops.

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  1. This reminds me of an excellent bit that I heard on NPR last week.


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