Monday, November 11, 2013

Spa Treats Galore, Courtesy Of Stylist Magazine

Stylist Magazine is one of my favorite magazines to read in the UK. It's current, aspirational, witty,  intelligent, and - perhaps the best part - it's free. Yup, it's handed out every Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning to thousands of commuters in London, among other major UK cities. Sometimes, I make a detour in my usual Wednesday morning route just so I can grab a copy. I'm always disappointed when I arrive too late and they run out.

I love their trend lists and editorials, not to mention their interviews and beauty reviews - basically, I love it all. So I was thrilled when I was invited to be a part of the Stylist Inner Circle, an online community devoted to helping Stylist further develop their brand and magazine.

In return for participating in discussions, members are entered into a prize draw for vouchers and, more recently, luxury packs consisting of products that the Stylist team have been sent to review. Before our meet-up last week, I was selected as one of the lucky winners of a luxury pack and took home these amazing goodies. I was a little taken aback and embarrassed! Sometimes, I feel bad when I win a prize, like I should dole them out to other people! I won a Kindle from Trinity Hospice for helping to raise the most money for an event a few years ago and instinctively felt that I should give it back (I didn't).

Anyway, my "luxury pack" had some fancy products: Rodial body scrub, Nails Inc and Mavala nail polishes, L'Oreal Revita-lift serum (which really works!), a Korres travel set (one of my favorite brands), a gorgeous candle that I can't bring myself to use, and some other luxurious moisturizers and body oil.

I also received the nicest lipstick I've ever owned, by Armani:

I'm used to buying Rimmel (in fact, I had just purchased one that evening using my Boots Advantage Card Points - yeah!) and at most, Bobbi Brown or Mac (which I hem and haw over for months before finally buying ... at Duty Free when I'm flying international), but this one really took the cake. IT HAS A MAGNETIC LID. I spent about 20 minutes simply flicking the lid up and down in the living room when I got home, as excited as a child on Christmas Day. John watched as I did this, amused and concerned all at once. "Don't get too used to the luxury," he admonished. Oh, boo hoo to you too, Mr. Grinch.


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