Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lazy Saturday Afternoon @ The Proud Archivist

There are so many new restaurants and cafes that have opened up along the Regent's Canal near where we live on the Islington/Hackney border. Just a few years ago, the buildings along the canal were abandoned, disused, and dilapidated - but now, they've nearly all been transformed into smart, modern-looking apartments and warehouse conversion offices, making it an ideal location to buy, if not rent. 

The Proud Archivist, an intersection between a gallery, bar, restaurant, and event space, is one of these new(ish) establishments along the canal that I've been waiting to try. But when you've lived in an area for a while, it's easy to keep popping back to your favorite haunts, instead of going somewhere new.

Yesterday, I was feeling a little under the weather, and as a result, somehow managed to only move between my bed and the pseudo-couch/bed arrangement I'd set up for myself in the living room for the entire morning - only to let out a little yelp when I looked at my phone and realized it was already 3 pm! 

Neither John nor I had bothered to think about lunch, since he made a delicious fry-up at about 11 am, so we wanted to head off somewhere that was local, relaxed, and served food. So I suggested heading over to The Proud Archivist, since a short walk along the canal would provide fresh air as well - something we obviously both needed. 

And I'm so glad we went! Stretching over two floors of bright and airy loft space, the restaurant area was buzzing when we arrived. But we were quickly greeted by very friendly staff, who found a table for us upstairs in no time. I loved the arrangement of big, simple wooden tables offset with contemporary chairs and long benches. Art books filled the shelves (we flipped through a thick, Rolex tome while waiting for our food) and framed artwork hung from the windows, shelves, and walls.

We ordered the apple, chicory, and lentil salad, plus a banoffee muffin for dessert and chatted the afternoon away, which was lovely, since we've been like ships passing in the night for the past few months or so due to John's insane work schedule.

Though I love the pubs and cafes around us, The Proud Archivist just seems like the ultimate place to "hang out", you know? I could easily see myself spending an afternoon there chatting with friends, blogging, reading, or just enjoying the atmosphere. LOTS of parents brought their teeny tiny ones, which makes it a super family-friendly place as well - a plus for all the young families in the area.

The gallery runs events as well, ranging from weekday yoga sessions for women in the gallery space to mindful eating courses. There's live music from 3 pm on Saturdays, which we enjoyed, and as I said, the staff are friendly, non-intrusive, and easy-going.

I think I might have found my new "haunt"!


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